10 steps of Korean Skincare routine: Best way to get good skin


Korea is like synonymous to good skin. The whole beauty and skincare industry swear by the skincare regime of Korean women. From sheet masks to essences, there are many Korean skincare products that have become the best sellers in the makeup and beauty market. It’s a lifestyle that became a global phenomenon and now everyone is relying on the Koreans for the perfect skin tips.


For all of us who are probably just stuck to 2-3 steps in our skincare routine, Korean Skincare routine may sound extensive. This skincare routine is extended to 10 steps for healthy skin. Though it may sound like a lot of work but trust us, it’s all worth it! They too follow the morning and night skincare routine but it’s the same steps with different products


10 steps of Korean Skincare routine


Korean Skincare routine

Step1: Double Cleanse

First thing in the morning is to clean your face twice in two different ways. First is the oil cleanse, it works extremely well for people with all skin types. The idea behind oil cleanse is to remove dirt, pollutants and sebum kind of impurities from the face. Second is the foam cleanse. Oil cleanse leave the layer of oil on your skin which is then removed by the foam cleanser. Thus your face is cleaned and free from any possible kind of impurities.


Step2: Toner

Toners in Korea are not what we interpret them to be. Toners are a layer of moisture to maintain the PH level of your skin. It adds more softness to the skin. Just dab some toner on to your face using your fingers.


Step3: Essence

Now, this is something we have never incorporated in our skincare until we met the Koreans! Looking somewhat like a toner, the essence is the most vital part of a Korean Skincare routine. Essence is where the youthful glow comes from. It is the second layer of moisture after the toner.


Step4: Ampoules

Ampoules work towards skin concerns. They are the boosters which provide help when your skin needs that extra attention. They make your skin look fresh and hydrated.


Step5: Serums

If you are already thinking this is too much of work and that you probably can’t do it, well you do have to work towards the perfect skin! To relieve your stress a bit, though the Korean Skincare routine is full 10 step process its ok to skip a few. The ampoules and serums both do the same job so you can skip one of these. Though this won’t be agreed by many beauty experts. So if you want that extra goodness for your skin, go for it!


Korean Skincare routine

Step6: Sheet Mask

These face masks have taken over the beauty world and how! People are crazy about this part of the routine. A sheet mask is basically soaked in serum and is packed with many useful ingredients. After a sun tan or a long tiring day, these masks are a blessing. This part of the routine is done occasionally, let’s say twice a week!


Step7: Eye cream

If you are under 40, you might think that this one is not for you. But that’s not the truth. Eye creams have nothing to do with the age. It is basically for the sensitive skin around eyes where the first sign of aging appears.


Step8: Moisturizer (a night cream or night routine)

This part we all have in our skincare. This is one product that locks in all the layers of good moisture that you have applied in the previous steps. It allows all those layers to absorb in the skin and benefit it.


Step9: Sunscreen

Never step out without it. Get a good sunscreen for your skin that has enough SPF depending on how reactive or how readily your skin gets tan. (you may like to read: Best Sunscreens in the market).


Korean Skincare routine

Step10: Night Mask

We all have heard that our body and skin goes into the super repair mode when we go off to sleep. Koreans make sure that it gets that boost to repair well. Their night masks are an example of how. These sleeping masks are not those drying face packs that we use, they are more like a moisturizer that you can layer your skin with ad wake up all plump and glowy!


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