Feeling sluggish at your office desk and its just 11 am? Yawning in a client meeting? Or feeling sleep deprived the moment you get out of your bed? We all have such days every once in a while! Thanks to hangovers or the late hours at work. But when you are stuck in a similar situation, what best can you do? Well, you can’t just hit the sack at the office of course! You have landed up at the apt place. We are discussing here the 5 ways to instantly regain your energy.


5 ways to instantly regain your energy


  1. Walk Walk

Studies revealed that 10 mins of the walk can keep you wide awake for at least next 2-3 hours. So get up and walk around a bit!


  1. Color Therapy

Colors like orange and red can be of big help when you feel tired. Staring at something red can make your muscles move faster and give you that instant energy boost that you need. You can keep the red flowers on your desk or decorate your desk with orange business stationery.


  1. Grab your cuppa

Caffeine dose is without a doubt the best kick when you are low on energy. Have a cup of your favorite coffee and you are good to go for the next few hours.


  1. Water

Yes, its proven that drinking water wakes your senses up. It gives oxygen to your brain and it starts working fast. With other added benefits of water, it sure is the best drink to keep you energized.


  1. Laugh

Switch to youtube and play a funny video or a clip and laugh out loud! Laughter is the best stress buster. It relaxes your mind and body and gives you the energy boost instantly.


If these don’t amuse you, just stretch your body, stretch your arms, take a few deep breaths, talk to a colleague. For interesting topics to read, click here.

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