A productive day at work 

Are you struggling to complete your to-do list everyday? No matter how hard you try, you never seem to tick all the tasks off the list at the end of the day. This is frustrating as it doesn’t give the feeling of a productive day at work. If you are here to seek some tips to make your day at work a productive one, you won’t be disappointed.

The fact that we spend most of the time of our lives at work, we need to be concerned about how much we love that part of our life. If frustration is all we think of while we talk about work/office, it’s not really going in the right direction. We will discuss a few pointers here on how to make your day productive at work based on experiences.


productive day at work


Plan everything a night before

You need to save yourself from the morning sickness (yes I call it that!). Plan what you are going to wear for work the next day and keep it ready. All the files and work essentials all packed up and at their place. Also, make a to-do list at night itself. Jot down all the tasks that need to be done. Try and wake up a little early so that you have much time in hand to get ready and reach on time.


How to make a to-do list

Making a list of jobs you need to complete the next day is not about just jotting down everything randomly as and when it strikes your mind. You need to be organized. Write your tasks in a priority list. Keeping the tasks that are more important at the top and going down to the least important ones. Another way can be to list them according to what time of the day you want them done. For example, a brainstorming session in the morning, meeting in the evening and likewise. It will definitely be a productive day at work if you just work as per the list you made.


Do not jump into work

The moment you get up, don’t just start checking your emails or your social media accounts. Give at least half an hour to you, your mind and your body to absorb the day in before you jump into the work routine. Giving yourself time works great in eventually making it a productive day at work.


Do not let things come between your priorities

You have listed 3 things that are at top priority and needs to be finished before lunch. Some co-worker comes to you and asks you to join them all for coffee and take a break. No matter how much you want to go join them but you should not until you finish your priority. The coffee session can be attended some other day but this priority needs to be completed for a productive day at work.


About your workspace

Everything lying here and there is a worst workspace ever. Organize your desk just like you did with your list. But mind it, cleaning your desk is not making your day productive at work. Working on a clean desk is…


Eat Properly

Health comes first. Studies show that people who skip their breakfast tend to get more cranky at work. Now you know why the 11 AM boredom hits you hard everyday. Keep your meals healthy because some super fried samosa will make you dizzy thus killing all your efforts of making a productive day at work.


Do not Multi-task with unnecessary things

Some people often hamper their day at work by indulging in many activities. Checking emails, replying someone over there, checking a fact file, online on almost every social media account and probably chatting with a colleague at the next desk. Didn’t it sound like chaos? Interestingly, it is one and that too a big one. Shut that phone off, keep a fixed time for checking emails. A productive day at work is only possible with productive work!

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