An Inspirational Life Story 

Life is never a bed of roses. Every person you meet is fighting a battle of his own within. While some have the courage to face all odds make their ways, some just make peace with the circumstances. However, inspirational life stories are of only those who decide to choose the way they wanna walk. One such story is of Indian youtuber Roshni Bhatia. How a normal middle-class girl, decided to not let some moron boss her life.

Roshni Bhatia shared her story on the Instagram page “Humans of Bombay”. She narrated the whole story of how life has been unfair to her but she never let anything dull her sparkle. Moreover, this story is an inspiration to all those girls who are unable to gather enough courage to just move out and move on…. Read the inspirational life story of Roshni Bhatia

“I was born to a single mother–my grandparents were the ones who raised me. We weren’t financially stable so I was married off at 21, to make sure that I’d have a secure future. My husband’s background was a world apart from mine. Every day he would remind me that I’m middle class & that I’d never match his standards. He’d demand that I look like the pretty women he knew. I was even made to sleep with make-up on because he couldn’t look at me without it. It felt less like a human & more like an object.

Also, I didn’t know how to get out of it. My mother-in-law saw me suffering but she always said, ‘All men are like that, you have to deal with it.’ Every day, I thought of killing myself. The tipping point was when I got pregnant. I was so scared that my baby would grow up with these values because of their father. So I mustered up the courage & I left him. I moved in with my mom with no money to my name. My mother also didn’t have the means to support me, so after I gave birth to Arjun I scrambled to look for jobs, just to sustain my newborn baby & myself. And soon, I filed for a divorce. I had to fight off threats from my husband about how he’d make my life hell & take my son away from me.

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Have you met the crazziesss . . . . . . . #mycutie #arjunandme #nightnight 😴

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I was working as an assistant in a company when Piyush came into my life. He seamlessly became my support system. Through all the court hearings, breakdowns & the tough times with Arjun–he was there. He also knew that I wasn’t happy working where I was, so he convinced me to follow my dream-fashion.
Things finally fell into place–after 7 years of a horrific struggle, I won full custody for Arjun. I can never forget the joy & relief I felt on that day. I even took a break from work & started studying Fashion. Our lives had settled, so Piyush & I took the next step & got married in 2017!

Arjun could not have a better father & I, a better husband. I even started my own blog, to share my passion for fashion with the world. It’s been tough but I’ve learnt that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So no matter how much pain, trauma & struggle life puts you through, if you try hard enough you’ll always be able to fight back.”

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