Asim Riaz’s brother lashed out at Vikas Gupta for talking about his Brother’s love life

Bigg Boss 13… need we say more? Superhit season of Bigg Boss with lots and lots of entertainment. Moreover, good entertainment with not much of ugly fights! (well, looking at the previous seasons!) Where Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif, Shehnaaz Gill is stealing the show with her cuteness, the others are no less too. One person who has really got big recognition from the show is Asim Riaz.

Owe it to his fights and arguments with Sidharth Malhotra or his love angle with Himanshi Khurana, Asim has grabbed the limelight for sure. Recently, in a scenario in Bigg Boss 13, family and friends of the contestants are coming to support them as their connections. Asim Riaz’s brother came in the family week so this time his connection would be Himanshi Khurana. Audiences will see “love is in the air” kind of episode of Bigg Boss 13 with Asim proposing Himanshi for marriage!

Killing the love vibe is our mastermind, Vikas Gupta. Vikas is coming as Sidharth Malhotra’s connection and is buckled up to spice the things up! In a promo, Vikas was seen talking to Shehnaaz that Asim has a girlfriend outside the house as well and that he is no less than Paras Chhabra. It took the fans by shock as no such news has ever come out on social media as yet. Is it only Vikas Gupta’s mastermind strategy to spoil Asim’s image!

The story doesn’t just end here! As Vikas Gupta is in the show spicing the things up, Asim Riaz’s brother has lashed out at him for talking rubbish! He tweeted, “Don’t talk sh*t about my bro @lostboy54. Better be worried about ur love life rather than caring about my brother’s. He already scrwed ur case when u were inside the BB house, the so-called mastermind of BB. Failed players and their sh*tty made up stories!”


Well!!! Who is right and who is not, will find out soon! Stay glued for the latest updates.

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