India is rich in botanical wealth. However, the irony is we ignore our own magical herbs to the PR of big companies. We believe what their advertisements tell us rather than standing by the facts we know. Out of all the magical herbs in India, Neem is undoubtedly one of the best. Benefits of Neem are plenty for skin, hair and even health.

Every part of the Neem tree, from roots, stems to its leaves. Everything has tremendous benefits. Moreover, the herb and its uses are so widespread that most of the skincare, haircare and even health products claim its presence. In this article, we will list all the uses in different forms in different areas.


Benefits of Neem are plenty! A few of them being


Benefits of Neem

Benefits of Neem for Hair

Grounded neem leaves make for the perfect natural neem powder. This powder is beneficial in various ways.  For Hair, the benefits are as follows

  • Mix the neem powder in your Heena and apply this paste on your scalp. Hena is believed to be a natural conditioner and Neem powder helps fight hair fall and hair thinning.
  • In case you are suffering from dandruff, there’s no one as beneficial as neem. Make a paste with neem powder and water and apply it directly on your hair and scalp. Let the paste be in your hair for about an hour and then wash with cold water. Regular use will help remove dandruff completely.
  • Neem oil uses are much more than its powder. It is suggested to kill the head lice. The active ingredient in neem oil, azadirachtin, help end the insect lifestyle. Massage the neem oil evenly on your hair and leave it overnight. When you wash your hair in the morning, you will see visible results.


Benefits of Neem for Skin

Neem is the most celebrated herb in Ayurveda. It is part of the beauty industry since forever. Uses of Neem in the skincare industry knows no end. Almost all the skin issues, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and lot more can be treated with neem. Let’s take some concerns one by one and see how neem benefits in it.


Benefits of Neem for acne

The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of neem make it useful for treating acne. It kills the acne-causing bacteria and also reduces the inflammation. To get the maximum Benefits of Neem for acne, you can firstly, apply neem oil mixed with cold pressed coconut oil and apply on affected area. Secondly, make a face pack using neem power and rose water and patch it on your skin.


Benefits of Neem

Shrinks the Pores

Large pores are a major issue, especially in summers. Such large pores secrets sebum and hence the excessive amount of oil can lead to blackheads. How the neem oil benefits for large pores?

  • Mix neem oil with normal water and soak a cotton ball in it. Put this cotton on your nose and wipe off all the oil. This you can do as a part of your daily skincare routine.
  • Make a gentle paste with neem oil, powder, and little sugar. Apply it on the affected area as an exfoliator.


Skin Infections

The anti-fungal properties add up to the Benefits of Neem against any skin infections. Neem paste has proven benefits in eczema and psoriasis. The only thing to take care of is that you get the purest form of neem powder. To get the maximum Benefits of Neem, plant your own tree and make your own powder.


Benefits of Neem on your Health

The stem, bark, seeds and even leaves are all used in medicines. Different parts of this tree give different Benefits of Neem. Namely: –

  • The bark of the neem tree is used to treat Malaria, stomach ulcers, fevers, and other skin diseases.
  • Also, neem stem or the twigs benefits in cough, asthma, UTI, lower sperm count and lot more.
  • Benefits of Neem oil are found in leprosy and intestinal worms.
  • Neem flower or fruit are found in treating bloody nose, diabetes, wounds, hemorrhoids and many other issues.


Benefits of Neem are plenty. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using any part of the neem plant for internal use or for the treatment of any disease. The Benefits of Neem listed above are more like Home Remedies. But once your disease or infection or any concern is raised to a certain level, you truly need to consult your doctor. To summarize, there’s another thing that is believed about the neem tree. Having a neem tree in your house purifies the air around it! Thus purifying the air is another one of the enormous Benefits of Neem tree. So go get some neem tree planted in your house and enjoy the various benefits!

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