Best anti-aging foods for younger looking skin


Beauty comes from within. Whatever we eat shows in our skin texture and glow. When we eat right foods packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, our skin blesses us with a youthful glow. As you grow old, your skin cells start to break down and the signs of aging start to reflect in our late 20’s. This is the time you need to give your skin extra care and slow down the aging process and treasure your youthful glow.


anti aging foods


Many food experts and dermatologists have stated that eating fresh fruits and veggies is the best and the healthiest way to deal with fine lines, signs of aging and dull skin. Following various skincare routines will help you externally but the food you eat works at the root level. Start making your shopping list as we list down the foods that you need to buy right away! Get ready to glow…



Papaya is a storehouse of all essential nutrients that you need to get that perfect skin. The anti-oxidants present in papaya help fight the free radicals and repair the damaged cells. Eating a bowl full of papaya will help your body shed dead cells giving it the required glow.

Papaya can be eaten in breakfast or can also be put as a face pack at night.



The age-defying antioxidant called anthocyanin is responsible for the deep blue color of these berries and is also helpful in slowing the aging process. Blueberries have also proven beneficial in repairing the sun damage caused to the skin. Blueberries also make for a perfect snack.


anti aging foods


We have been hearing this since forever, anything related to the skin has a lot to do with Vitamin E. Hence, nuts are the best option. Almonds help in repairing skin damage, retaining moisture and walnuts are rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid that protects skin from sun damage.



The ellagic acid present in pomegranate helps slow down the breakdown of collagen thus keeping your skin bright and youthful. Eating a bowl full of pomegranate can ward off wrinkles and other age-related issues.


anti aging foods

Green Leafy Vegetables

The deep green vegetables like spinach and kale are packed with vitamins and minerals. The anti-inflammatory properties of these vegetables work on reducing the aging signs on the skin. While the presence of Vitamin K and Vitamin E and C help maintain good bone health and eyesight.

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