Best Cream for Pimples and Blackheads: For all skin types

It happens often that a day before a big event, one pimple just pops out! At that time no diet or home remedies will give you instant effect. This is where you need the best cream for pimples and blackheads which gives instant results. These creams help banish these unwanted guests and you can attend the event with a glowy spotless face.

It has often been observed that more than 90% of women don’t know the right products for their skin. They either try every product that they come across or just stick to one that worked long back. With age the skin type and texture changes thus the skincare products should also change. Here we have the cream for pimples and blackheads that work for all skin types.

Best Cream for Pimples and Blackheads

cream for pimples and blackheads

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

A product made exclusively for acne-prone skin. It gives your skin the required moisture, soothes it and helps fight acne as well. Unlike any other cream for pimples and blackheads, it doesn’t dry out your skin and causes zero damage. It targets the pimples immediately and gives a clear, spotless, smooth skin. Lightweight formula for quick absorption makes sure the gel is absorbed and at its job readily after application.

Neutrogena on the Spot Acne Treatment

It’s a medicated spot treatment cream contains benzoyl peroxide which is clinically proved to work for pimples and blemishes. It’s an oil-free cream with no parabens or harmful chemicals. The mild formula makes it beneficial for even sensitive skin. You just need to do the topical application on the spot and it will just go away with two-three applications.

cream for pimples and blackheads

Clearasil Rapid Action Pimple Cream

Clearasil has been in the list of the best cream for pimples and blackheads since forever. It visibly reduces the size of pimple right from the first application. The name rapid action reveals itself that the acne size eradicates in as less as 4 hours. Have an event to attend? Do not worry if any pimple pops up even a day before. Grab the Clearasil pimple cream and tada!

Garnier Pure Active

The product contains salicylic acid which is known to be the best cure for pimples. Hence, Garnier pure active is the best cream for pimples and blackheads. It is a unique roll-on cream that can be easily applied on the acne or blemishes. The only con is that it might leave a dark patch if you use it consistently for more than a month.

cream for pimples and blackheads

Dr. Batra’s natural anti-acne cream

Dr. Batra products have come a long way from the past few days. Their products have created a revolution by giving people the best natural solutions for skin and hair issues. The product is enriched with berberis aquifolium which is the best natural ingredient for acne and pimple marks. The cream is also equally effective for blemishes and blackheads. It is thus an effective cream for pimples and blackheads and an overall solution for all your skincare issues.


These highly effective fast action creams are good to use occasionally. For permanent acne solution, read this article [Permanent Acne Treatment]. Also, follow us on Instagram for more product reviews!

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