Best food for Kidney Cleansing

Kidneys are the most vital organ of the human body. They help get rid of excess waste and balance the electrolytes. Generally, in normal conditions, sufficient water intake is enough to cleanse the kidney. Moreover, one can just add up a cup of herbal tea in a day to ensure kidney cleanse. However, there are different kinds of fruits and food for kidney cleansing. What these foods are, keep reading to know.


A small bowl of grapes makes for a great morning snack and is also the best food for kidney cleansing. Grapes contain resveratrol which reduces the inflammation in kidneys.  


Cranberries have always been the most effective food for kidney cleansing. It has been proven through various studies that cranberries aids for good bladder health. One can have cranberries in yogurt, smoothies or even as a snack. However, dried sweetened cranberries if consumed daily reduce the risk of any infections and other bladder-related issues.

food for kidney cleansing


Fruit Juices

The fruit juices with citric acid in it are what you need to drink. For that matter, drink lemon, orange or melon juices. Citric Acid is used to remove kidney stones. Moreover, it also prevents the formation of kidney stones by binding with calcium in the urine. To incorporate these veggies, have a glass of fresh fruit juice every day.


That’s right! It’s not all fruits and juices. There are veggies as well that makes it to kidney cleansing list of foods. To top the list, broccoli, cabbage, turnips and reddish are there. Moreover, you can have them in a salad or juices. It increases the production of necessary enzymes and helps remove toxins.


Apart from these, one can use herbal teas with plant infusions. Green Tea for that matter is best for kidney cleansing. More options of food for kidney cleansing are: Ginger, Pumpkin Seeds and many more. For more health and fitness articles, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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