Best hair oil brand for hair growth and thickness

Just like your skin, your hair also needs nourishment. Our mothers and grandmothers have been telling us this since forever to oil our hair. Oil is the nourishment that your hair needs. Proper hair oiling with good quality oil can eliminate all your hair problems. From hair fall to dandruff and hair thinning all can be treated with an oil massage.

The market is flooding with products that make big claims of stopping hair fall in a week or removing dandruff in just first use. But how many of them actually work? To get the best results, you should know which the Best hair oil for growth and thickness is.


List of Best hair oil brand for hair growth and thickness


Biotique fresh growth therapeutic oil

Biotique is a trusted brand and this hair oil is their bestseller. It contains Bhringraj oil that aids hair growth and coconut oil that eliminates hair fall. The presence of goat milk ensures the hair get proper nourishment.


best hair oil brands in market


 Figaro Olive Oil

Olive oil is best known for hair growth. It is one of the oldest brands in the market that makes olive oil and has very good consumer reviews. Figaro repairs the damaged hair and adds shine to them. It boosts the growth of new hair shafts and also increases the thickness of hair strands. It is advisable to mix olive oil with a few drops of coconut oil to balance its consistency and apply 2-3 hours before every wash.


figaro olive oil

Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil

This one is an ayurvedic medicinal formula for hair fall. The natural herbs present in the oil make the brittle fizzy ends smooth and add luster to hair. The special packaging of this hair oil makes it stand out. It solves the issue of the proper application by providing a comb-like opening. This ensures that oil reaches till the roots and is applied evenly.


indulekha hair oil

Urban Botanics Castor Oil

Castor oils are a little thick in consistency hence a very little quantity of oil can spread into entire scalp. You will be able to see the results of this oil with just a few uses only. It works best for strengthening the roots and promotes hair growth. This one is pocket-friendly as well.


urban botanics

Wow Onion Black Seed Oil

You must have read it in many DIYs to use onion juice to promote hair growth. If you have been looking forward to trying this remedy, just grab the WOW hair oil. It is made with 100% cold pressed oils and has proven results in hair growth. It tackles with hair issues like dandruff, hair thinning, hair fall and hair graying as well.


wow onion hair oil

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