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Is that zit disturbing you today? Do they keep coming back? We feel you! Ace isn’t just an issue; it’s the major skincare concern amongst young girls. But why are you worried about it? You know you have us to guide you through… This time we have for you Best Skincare products for acne prone skin. Choosing the best skincare products for pimples can be tiring. You don’t have to go buy each product and experiment it on your skin, we will do that for you. After all, what are good friends for!

Skincare is a consistent effort. It is not a process of a few days, it’s a lifestyle. Once you get the hang of what works best for you, its easy to incorporate those skincare products in your routine. There are so many skincare products in the market and as many keep coming in the market every day. Not saying that all of them are fake with false claims but not all of them will fit in your skincare regime.


acne prone skin

Let’s check out the list of basic but best skincare products.


Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash 

clean and clear face wash for acne

This one has been there in the list of best skincare products for acne since forever. Any face wash that says it’s for acne skin, is always considered to be filled with chemicals. This one, on the other hand, is mild and oil-free of course. The presence of triclosan in this skincare product acts as an anti-bacterial. Also, glycerin is its wow product which doesn’t let the face dry out.


Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion for acne prone skin

cetaphil lotion

Yes, we are including a moisturizer and trust us you need it! Oily, dry or combination, every skin needs to be moisturized. The difference only is that you get a best-suited moisturizer in include in your list of skincare products for acne prone skin. For those who have acne, there’s no one as helpful as Cetaphil. This one binds the moisture in your skin and never let it dehydrate. For me, Cetaphil tops my list of Best skincare products for pimple causing skin.


Clearasil Rapid Rescue Spot Treatment 

clearsil spot treatment

This one claims to reduce the size of the pimple and inflammation in just a few hours. Presence of benzoyl peroxide backs the claim. Why this one is on the list of Best skincare products for acne prone skin is because it is paraben and alcohol-free!


Himalaya neem purifying mask 



This one I blindly suggest everyone who has acne prone skin. I can relate because I have acne too! Application of this face pack immediately soothes your skin and it feels light. It will also dry out your pimple. This one is my favorite in the list of Best skincare products for acne prone skin. Himalaya is a trusted brand and their neem purifying face mask is one the best selling. Read the detailed review of the product here.


The Body Shop Vitamin C glow protect lotion

the body shop vitamin c

You need sunscreen, right? Everybody does! Heres the one you need to buy! Vitamin C is best for the skin as it helps in adding a glow to your skin by killing the trouble causing elements. It also helps to reduce the acne marks as they are annoying too! So wait no more and add this best skincare product for the acne prone skin!


So our list is pretty much over. But we do have to give you some skincare guidelines for the acne prone skin. Keep your hands clean. Confused? 40% of the dirt that your face gets comes from your hands. Remember how many times you touched your face with your hand yesterday? Too many to count right? So the skincare for acne prone skin comes with clean hands. Use clean pillowcases because they also come in close contact with your face. Skincare for acne prone skin also has a lot to do with hygiene. Keep your towels clean to keep your acne-prone skin clean!


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