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Another season of Bigg Boss has started, it is time for Bigg Boss 13 and people are following it religiously. This season has all the celebrities and no commoner this season. Arti Singh, Krushna Abhishek’s sister is also one of the contestants this season. Arti has done many famous shows such as Mayka. Hpwever, the season is in the fast forward mode and the tasks and fights and controversies have already started.

In one of the tasks recently, one team had to make the other one leave the game through the war of words. Isn’t it something Bigg Boss 13 is known about? So Shefali started talking about Arti and she said something that created a buzz. She hinted at Arti Singh’s wedding being called off. There was no news of Arti ever got married so the fans started wondering why?!

While everybody started thinking that its Ayaz Khan Arti was getting married to, the star refuted the rumor. Ayaz said, “This is not true, I and Arti were never married. It is like in a movie that the couple went to Mt. Everest and Bhagwan ko Sakshi mankar Shadi krli and nobody ever got to know about it.” Well, not just Ayaz, Arti’s sister in law kashmira Shah also rubbished the rumor spread in Bigg Boss 13. She said, “Rubbish, Arti and Ayaz were never married. Shefali is a journalist and she needs to do her homework. Or maybe she is blabbering anything to create controversy and grab eyeballs.” Well, we couldn’t agree more!

The post that made people believe that maybe its Ayaz Shefali is talking about was put by Arti on Instagram. She posted a picture and wrote, “First thing old pic … nothing has happened to me ….. wRiting this after got calls from people who care😘😘😘😘People often ask me how can u stil b friends with the person whom u hv dated… coz f al this. May b relationship doesn’t last but u can’t forget the care n love u got once … still my closest person … thank u ayazu for always being there no matter what … I know u will say Kya likhne ki Jarurat thi… But u know me I care a damn… People who love me will never ask for an explanation … u r one f the bestest human being. N now toh I can write also my closest person… Some relation r beyond explanations… love u always”

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