Things were never cordial between Arjun Kapoor and his half-sisters. Since Boney Kapoor went on to marry Sridevi leaving his first wife Mona and the kids behind. No wonder the kids Arjun and Anshula always considered Sridevi the woman who destroyed their family. Hence, they never shared any kind of bond with her or her daughters.

Sridevi’s passing away later in February have Boney Kapoor and her daughters’ grief-stricken. Amidst all this, Arjun and Anshula came up as the biggest support for their father and the half-sisters. Specifically, during the whole time of Sridevi’s demise, both Arjun and Anshula were seen around their father all the time. Although it was seen as the family has come close at the time of grief. Evidently, they have forgotten about the past but there were no happy family instances as such.

In an instance, Anshula was seen protecting her sisters when some haters tried using abusive language towards Jhanvi. She warned them to stay away. Just like a big sister would do. But what we saw recently was simply amazing and it also took the internet by storm. At the reception of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, Boney Kapoor and his 4 kids were seen posing together for media. They posed together for a perfect family clicks together. Check out all about Sonam Kapoor’s wedding (Click Here). Awestruck as we go, they all looked happy and charming as ever. After that, the sibling did give some shots together and looked like the bunch of happy people. Also, Arjun was being equally protective towards his 3 sisters. It was a beautiful thing to happen at Sonam’s wedding.

Here are the adorably beautiful pictures of Boney Kapoor family. 





Seems like the family is getting back to life and is now close-knit and happy together. We wish them togetherness and the best of everything. 

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