Bridal Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Attention Brides to be!

All the brides to be out there! Stick your eyes right here and read every word till the end. It’s your day and you ought to look and feel beautiful. You will definitely buy the best clothes and the best jewelry. But don’t you want to look beautiful both internally and externally? We know your answer! Hence, here’s the best and most effective bridal diet plan for weight loss.  

Although we are sure you will look fab in any shape, sometimes to rock that lehenga you have been dreaming to wear, you need to shed a few kilos. So, we are considering that you have one month in hand to follow this bridal diet plan for weight loss! Let’s get started.

bridal diet plan for weight loss

Early Mornings

Apple cider vinegar is a blessing! There’s no other way we would have started the bridal diet plan for weight loss. So after you get up, immediately have at least a glass full of water. Then after your obvious routines, have a glass of warm water and add 1 tablespoon of apple cider in it. Along with it have 4 soaked almonds. Apple cider helps in weight loss, gives you flawless skin. Almonds, on the other hand, is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants help to maintain good health inside and outside.


A lot of options coming your way! You can have some desi Indian breakfast options or English ones! Have 2 idlis with sambar, poha with a cup of tea (no sugar). Another option is oats either sweet or salted. If you prefer salted ones, put a lot of veggies into it. However, for the sweet ones, out fresh fruits instead of artificial sweeteners.

bridal diet plan for weight loss

Mid Morning

Snack game on! For sure! Considering you also have to look flawless and glowing on your wedding day, you don’t have to starve at all. So for the snacks, have some chickpea salad with green tea. Or have a bowl full of fruits. Sprout salad is also the best solution. If you don’t feel like eating much, just have an apple with green tea.


Ok brides! Next step in your bridal diet plan for weight loss is your lunch. We are going basic for lunch. Have some vegetable soup or just some smoothie. The green smoothie is the best thing to have for lunch.

Preparation: Put spinach, beetroot, ginger, chia seeds in a blender and mix it up! Have this smoothie for your lunch. Moreover, if nothing else works for you, a bowl of dal with minimal oil and spices is another option.

bridal diet plan for weight loss

Evening Snack

We understand your love for caffeine, but you have to have a glass of fresh juice in a day. Evenings are the best time. Along with your fresh juice glass, have some roasted makhanas or a handful of nuts. If fresh juice is not your thing, replace it with chhach or green tea.


Your dinner has to be strictly before 9. Because you have to sleep at 11 to get up early the next morning. So coming back to dinner, one bowl of arhar dal without the tadka! Its yummy don’t worry. Another option for dinner is a bowl of papaya with few nuts in it. That’s all!

Apart from this diet, for the bridal diet plan for weight loss, make sure your water intake is sufficient. Have at least 3 ltrs in a day. Also, don’t forget to stay happy and stress less. For more such articles, click here. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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