Whether it is his very first day at school or a new school due to change in location. These transitions in kids can be tough sometimes. They are used to live in a certain environment and suddenly things are going to change. While some kids gel up with the change very well, there may be some who needs a little extra time and effort to adapt and adjust to school.

Let’s discuss a few pointers you can consider to help them adjust to school.

Introduce them to the Good part:  Show them the pictures from the school catalog and excite them for the events, picnics and fun sessions at school. Tell them things like the staff is very helpful and generous and how they have a chance to make new friends.

Check their Bond with the Teacher:  Keep an eye on how well is your kid bonding with his teacher. If at all he shows a certain dislike towards the teacher, contact them and discuss the concern. Try to figure out the reason for the behavior and help eradicate that.


Track the Grades:  If you have seen a consistently poor performance in your kid’s grades, this is something that needs your immediate attention. Find out why he is not being able to perform well. Is it an issue with his understanding of things or because of his unwillingness? Poor grades lower the kids’ self-confidence making them feel isolated.

Stay Connected:  After he gets back home, spend about half an hour talking to him about how his day went, what he did today and show your involvement and pay attention to every story he tells you. This will immediately help you keep track of anything unusual happening with him.


Ease the Fear:  Give them a nurturing and happy environment. Don’t pressurize them for performing well in curricular or extra-curricular activities. Let him play, eat and sleep on time and don’t make school a thing he should be scared of.