Easy Exercises for Weight Loss: When you can’t hit the Gym

Easy Exercises for Weight Loss: When you can’t hit the Gym

Easy Exercises for Weight Loss: When you can’t hit the Gym

We have shared a lot of information regarding weight loss. However, we have received a lot of queries as well. The most asked question is about easy exercises for weight loss that can be done at home. Blame it on the busy schedule, not everyone has time to go to the gym every day. And the best part is, weight loss is even possible without the gym. You just need to be physically active. These easy exercises will help you with weight loss.


Walk your way to the slimmer you! Brisk walk for 45 minutes is what everyone asks you to do! What we are saying is that you can slow down too. Start at a moderate pace for the first 10 minutes. Then faster for the next 10 minutes and then slow down again in the last 10 minutes. Nothing can top the list of easy exercises for weight loss than a simple walk. Make sure you also go for diet control otherwise the walks alone are never going to help.


Looking for easy exercises for weight loss? This rope can help a great deal in keeping you fit. All that bouncing and jumping make sure that all those extra calories are burnt. Moreover, it’s simple, easy and a lot of fun. Also, just 15 minutes of skipping sheds more calories than 45 minutes of walk. So next time you need to skip the gym, just grab that rope.

Easy Exercises for Weight Loss


Yes! This recreational activity is one of the fun and easy exercises for weight loss. Different swimming styles burn different ratios of calories. Amongst all, the backstroke burns a maximum number of calories. Moreover, many studies have shown that women who swim 60 minutes a day, three times a week lose more fat. It also improves the body’s flexibility, reduces the risk of heart diseases and controls cholesterol.


So this one is for the days when you don’t feel like going to the gym. Moreover, yoga is going to calm your mind and relax your body. The union of mind and body is best achieved through yoga. Additionally, yoga is a super powerful way to lose weight. Start with basic pranayama and keep achieving the highs of yoga with time.


Plank is one of the best easy exercises for weight loss that can be done at home. Ok! We agree they are not so easy. But they are super effective and there’s nothing denying that. Start with holding your plank for 10 seconds and eventually keep increasing the time. Planks work a great deal to get a flat stomach and lose those extra kilos.


Do these easy exercises for weight loss at home whenever you don’t want to or can’t hit the gym. For more weight loss related blogs, click here. Also, follow us on Instagram for more details.

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Wellness Journey: How to Get Started

Wellness Journey: How to Get Started

Wellness Journey: How to Get Started

Wellness is not just related to your weight, your physical appearance or your looks. It is a wider concept that includes physical, mental and spiritual well being. A sound mind, a healthy body and a content mind all together comprise the wellness journey. So, as we put a little thought on this, we decided to get started on a wellness journey and take you along! If you are willing as well, join us and read on to it till the end. Each step will take you towards a better you.

Let’s get started and know how to move on the wellness journey.

Note These Down

Before you actually start, make a blueprint. Note down the things that make you happy, your hobbies. Moreover, make note of anything that gives you immense joy and everything that disturbs you. However, here we also need to ensure that eating junk food might make us happy but that really doesn’t make our body happy.

wellness journey

Define your Goals

You should be clear about what you want to achieve at the end of this wellness journey. For example, your goal can be losing 5 kgs in the next 2 months or you want to quit smoking or you want to turn vegan. Anything that you want to achieve just is clear about it. Also, you need to be realistic.

Be Realistic

Do not… I repeat.. Do not even try to have unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you have never indulged in any physical activity, your first target can’t be 2 hours in the gym. Start with baby steps. Go for half an hour of walk or 10 minutes of meditation. Keep achieving and keep increasing your expectations. Make sure you focus on both mental and physical well being every time you are on a wellness journey.

wellness journey

Eat Good

We are not telling you to diet. We do not believe in diets. All we want is for you to eat clean. Eat healthily and eat local. Do not fall for the junk food which is fired, oily and much greasy. It may taste good and give you momentary joy but in the long run its nothing but slow poison. Eat as much as you want but just eat clean. Eat the veggies and fruits, do not put too many spices in your food and keep oil minimum too.

Be with yourself

It is important to spend some time with yourself every day. This time can be the time when you meditate. Meditation is an integral part of the wellness journey. It unites you with yourself. It calms your mind down and keeps all kinds of anxiety away. If not meditation, go for a walk every day alone. Basically you just need to combine your physical activity with your “Me Time”.

Sleep Well and Stay Happy

If you do not sleep for about 7 hours a day, pls do not even start on the wellness journey. Moreover, you fix your sleep first and then get on with this. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day (sound sleep) at any cost. Also, stress is a part of life for everyone; you just don’t need to fuel it with extra thoughts. Let the challenges come; do not let them take a toll on your physical or mental well being.


Take your time and let your body take time as well. With baby steps, get on to your wellness journey and keep attaining a healthy body and mind. Click here for more health blogs and follow us on Instagram.

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Weight loss diet in winters: Get ready for the summer body

Weight loss diet in winters: Get ready for the summer body

Weight loss diet in winters

Winters are finally here! Let’s pledge together that we are going to work on that summer body right from today! In this season we all tend to eat a little more than usual. Blame it on the cozy blankets and craving for all the warm, fried food. But did you know that you can eat all the good food and still lose weight in winter? With our super-amazing weight loss diet in winters, you are sure to get your desired body!

Check out the weight loss diet in winters

Breakfast Options for weight loss diet in winters

Get hold of all the fresh fruits that this season has for you! Some of the yummiest breakfast options are listed below.

  • Blueberries with yogurt and honey.
  • Banana Toast with Peanut Butter
  • Scrambled eggs with toasted bread

PS: if you are used to having your morning cup of tea/coffee, go ahead and enjoy it but “without sugar”.

Weight loss diet in winters

Lunch Options for weight loss diet in winters

Lunch is the most crucial time in winters. Not only your hunger is at a peak at this time but you also feel a little sleepy. To deal with all of this, opt for any of these options.

  • Black Bean Quinoa with Hummus
  • 1 Slice of whole wheat bread with mashed avocado and white beans
  • A bowl full of vegetable soup

There are so many snacking options for winters and they are all so yummy! However, you don’t get to be happy much as those are not included in your weight loss diet in winters. Wanna know what you can munch on?

  • A handful of Dry Fruits
  • Seeds like roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Dates (2 would be enough)
  • Peanuts/peanut salad
  • Oranges (rich in vitamin c and seasonal!)

Weight loss diet in winters

Dinner options 

Dinner has to be extremely simple, light and minimal. However, you definitely don’t have to skip it altogether. The options are:

  • Chickpea salad with chicken curry
  • Dal Rice (brown rice)
  • Papaya bowl
  • Corn Potato Soup

Other than these meal ideas, these are the few things that we need to take care of.

  • Never stop drinking water. If you wish you can have lukewarm water but 7 glasses are mandatory.
  • No matter how cold it gets, move out. If nothing else, just go for 30 mins of a brisk walk.
  • If you want something sweet, jaggery is the best option in winters.
  • You can always binge on seasonal fruits like guava and oranges.

For more weight loss tips and diets, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates!

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Health Drinks for Glowing Skin: Drink it up

Health Drinks for Glowing Skin: Drink it up

Health Drinks for Glowing Skin: Drink it up

Who wouldn’t like the natural glow on the skin without the use of any highlighter? You have been applying so many different products on your skin but do you that putting them in your body is equally important. A nutritious diet not only keeps you healthy internally but from outside as well. Thus consumption of vegetables and fruits becomes inevitable. Incorporating them into your diet will make your body look and feel better. Today we will be talking about the health drinks for glowing skin.

These health drinks for glowing skin are made using vegetables and fruits and are 100% effective. Check out the list down below.

health drinks for glowing skin

Beetroot and Carrot Juice

Just like its own color, beetroot gives that glowing red cheeks to you as well! Power-packed with zinc, iron, vitamin C and other essential nutrients, these two ingredients purify the blood. It is one of the best health drinks for glowing skin. Moreover, both these ingredients are rich in fiber which eases the bowel movement. Drink this healthy juice every morning to fight acne, pigmentation and adds a glow!

Pomegranate Juice

Amongst other health drinks for glowing skin, pomegranate juice healthy as well as tastes good. It purifies the blood, nourishes your skin and gives glowing skin. This juice also has anti-aging properties thus help in cell repair and gives youthful skin. Grab a glass of pomegranate juice and you can ditch your creams and lotions for the day.

health drinks for glowing skin

Spinach Juice

All the green juices are not what your taste buds would love but are extremely healthy. Spinach is rich in iron and Vitamin K, C and E which is good for skin, hair and for blood purification as well. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which in turn protect the skin cells from damage-causing free radicals. You can put a green apple or lemon in the spinach juice to make it taste a little better.

Aloe Vera Juice

The power of Aloe Vera is not a mystery anymore. People have already started using it for face and hair. It helps fight acne, removes acne scars and also removes pigmentation. For hair it fights dandruff, hair fall and hair thinning as well. So when it comes to getting the natural glow, some aloe vera juice is also amongst health drinks for glowing skin. Just mix 2 spoons of pure aloe vera juice in a glass of water and bottoms up!

A glass of any of these juices is all that you need for glowing, clear skin. For more health and fitness blogs, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook for more.

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Secrets to Women Health: 5 Best Tips

Secrets to Women Health: 5 Best Tips

Secrets to Women Health: 5 best tips

Hello Ladies! Here we are again with another set of super beneficial tips. This time it is about the secrets that every woman must know. Working moms or housewives, every woman works all day every day tirelessly. However, one thing that is ignored big time in all this is women health. Women themselves put their own health at stake. But not anymore, with these 5 secrets to women health, every woman will be healthy inside out.

5 secrets for women health

Women Health

Keep mornings for yourself

Before you take up the household chores, make sure you keep at least one hour for yourself. This one hour would be the “me time”. Have a healthy morning drink, do your morning skincare regime, read the newspaper, go for a walk, sit with yourself and plan your day. Starting your mornings calmly with a set time for your own self makes the whole day productive.

Tip: your morning drink should never be tea or coffee. Have a glass of warm water, prefer taking apple cider vinegar or lemon honey water.

Never Skip Meals

Whether you are getting late for office or have a lot of household work to finish, never skip any meal. You have to put yourself as a priority. Eat a healthy breakfast and keep the nutritional value in mind. With age, you need to be super careful about what you put in your stomach. Calcium and Protein are your best friends. Keep a perfect balance of these two in your diet. Read our article on diet focused on women health [Tips for women of all ages groups].

Tip: Make sure you include at least one glass of milk and some protein source in your day. For vegetarian proteins considering women health, read this [Protein sources for vegetarians].

Women Health

Don’t be Harsh

You are not perfect and guess what? No one is! It is ok to not be perfect. Let things go sometimes. In order to become a perfect idol woman, you are giving up on something which is more important and that is your own health. If we don’t pay heed to women health, we are actually compromising the health of the whole family. So let it be, do the best you can and don’t even care about being perfect.

Tip: plan things beforehand. Practice yoga and meditation to keep anxiety at bay.

Listen to the Signs

Your body always gives you indications that something needs your attention. For instance, if you find it difficult to climb stairs, if you get tired easily. Such signs are indicating certain vitamin deficiencies, lack of physical activity and also a poor diet. Take these signs seriously and change your lifestyle asap. At the end of the day, it’s your body and you only have to live in it!

Tip: Consult your doctor even for the tiniest concerns.  

Women Health

Take good rest

You obviously know that 8 hours of sleep in a day is mandatory. To keep your body and mind going the whole day, it needs to be rested properly. Otherwise, you feel drowsy, low, fatigued and drained out. It’s always better to sleep well and have a productive day than to not sleep and be a zombie the whole day!

Tip: If you cant sleep 8 hours in a stretch, make sure you at least sleep 6 in a stretch and 2 at any other time of the day.

For more health and fitness-related articles, click here. Also, follow us on Instagram.

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Poor Air Quality: Useful tips to Survive

Poor Air Quality: Useful tips to Survive

Poor Air Quality: Useful tips to survive

Delhi, as well as the whole north India, is badly affected by the poor air quality. Environment Pollution (prevention and control) authority has also declared an emergency in NCR keeping in view the air quality index. Moreover, the daily life of people is affected to a great extent and everyone is just bound to stay indoors. Pregnant women, people with asthma, heart patients and kids are affected the most.

However, here are some tips that can prove useful to live in this poor air quality around you.

air quality

Exercise indoors

Going out for a morning walk also exercising in open is the best practice every. However, such is not the case when air quality is so poor. Moreover, avoid your morning strolls. Do not skip your exercise session just shift it indoors. Avoid visits to malls also refrain from sending your kids to play outside until the situation comes under control.

Walk or carpool

Do your bit towards the environment. While going to offices or anywhere outside, prefer walking if the distance is less. Opt for carpools, public transports or just cycle your way. Moreover, instead of just putting blames, see what you can do for yourself and for people around you.

air quality

No Smoking

With such bad air quality, you are already smoking around 40 cigarettes a day. Do not add on to that by smoking some more. Moreover, people around you who have become passive smokers are also getting affected by this. So if not stop it’s a request to at least limit your smoking habit.

Indoor Plants

Plants are your best friends. Its time you bring some to your household. Some indoor plants are also known to purify the air. Keep at least one plant per person in your house. Plants that help purify the air are money plant, snake plant, peace lily, bamboo plant, and spider plant.

air qualityJaggery

Jaggery is packed with nutrients that help remove harmful elements from the body. Moreover, it purifies the bloodstream, lungs as well as the food pipe. You can either eat it as it is or replaces your refined sugar with jaggery in daily use.

Stay safe and keep yourself unaffected by this poor air quality! Follow us on Facebook for more such updates.

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