Chhavi Mittal slaying her pregnancy phase 

There’s no doubt that actress Chhavi Mittal’s channel SIT (Shitty Ideas Trending) has become a blockbuster. The way these people feature different phases of life is hilarious yet meaningful. Currently, the pregnancy series is on. Reason being, Chhavi Mittal is pregnant with her second child and what better time to film a pregnancy series?

So Chhavi Mittal is enjoying her pregnancy both online and offline. In the show, the episodes are revolving around a pregnant woman. Moreover, the baby showers, dos and donts and basically everything related to pregnancy is being put out there. However, similar is the case with Chhavi Mittal’s pregnancy in real life.


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Life has its ways of testing you.. just when you think you're ready to handle anything, it'll throw you challenges that you least expected. But then that's what challenges are right? Unexpected? Coz what's a challenge if you're prepared for it? But no matter how much a challenge brings you down… If you survive it.. (and you will) then it's bound to make you rise higher. So in my experience, if you can fight the challenge at hand, you're only getting stronger by the minute. While the last 15 days have been the most challenging for me in my pregnancy, I think the worst is over, and the best is yet to come. #challenges ________________________________ #life #pregnancy #pregnant #pregnantwoman #pregnantwomen #pregnantmom #difficult #fighter #winner

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Time and again, Chhavi keeps posting the pictures on her Instagram handle. She is totally nailing her pregnancy looks and has some empowering message for all the moms-to-be. Chhavi recently posted a picture of her on social media. She brought out a message that a man sent her regarding his wife turning to a cow as she is pregnant. Chhavi slammed the man with the most befitting answer.

She wrote, “Let me begin by thanking each one of you who have been following my posts and inboxing/commenting. However, I was completely shocked by a query in my inbox recently. A husband reached out to me asking for weight loss tips for his pregnant wife. He said: “she is becoming a cow already”! It pains me immensely. To know that a husband, who is seeing his wife go through the daily pain of pregnancy, can completely disregard the sacrifice that she has made in terms of her own body, to create a new life for both of them!


She further wrote. “How can somebody be so insensitive towards their own life partner.! What sort of person can treat a woman, any woman in that way! I implore all men, all husbands to RESPECT women around you. Especially if she is pregnant but nevertheless! A woman.. your wife… is getting ready to tear her own body apart to get this beautiful being into this world.. a world which she believes is full of love… love for her and her baby… So love your wife, because nobody in the world will be with you in your worst times as much as your gorgeous wife, who sticks with you through your romance as much as she does through your rotten temper. And trust me, she will give you FAR more than you will ever give her in your whole life!”

Also, in the most recent pictures where Chhavi Mittal is enjoying the 9th month of pregnancy, she sends out a wonderful message to all the moms-to-be. The actress wrote, “Can’t help but share that a lot of pregnant mothers are inboxing me and asking me various different kinds of questions. While I love to hear what other fellow mothers are feeling, one thing that I wish mothers would not feel is “scared”.
I seriously don’t know what to say when somebody asks me “can I wax my upper lip? I’m so scared it’ll pain” 🙄 or “I’m so scared for my delivery” 😐 Or something like, “this is my first time, I’m so scared”!!


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Perception and mindset: I'm humbled by the comments that I receive on my blogposts and in real life when I meet people. A lot of you feel inspired, a lot of you like the way I dress, many of you ask me for make-up and hair tips and some of you ask me my fitness regime. But the questions that leave me baffled are the ones that raise eyebrows on the kind of clothes I wear. What I often hear (especially in person) are things like: "How can you wear such tight clothes, aren't you uncomfortable? You're pregnant" "My God you're so dressed up for work, even in pregnancy!" "Arre pregnant ho, kucch bhi pehno chalega" And my favourite .. "You're getting too big now, maybe start hiding the stomach a bit.." I say LOL!! Why should I compromise on my dressing style just because I'm pregnant? It's the MOST beautiful phase of my life, and I'd like to look as beautiful as I feel during this time! And yes, I'm a PROUD big pregnant woman and I'm not afraid or ashamed to flaunt it! Coz let's face it, it's not gonna last forever! And thank God I got introduced to @themommy.collective which is completely in sync with my needs as a pregnant mother. This dress for eg.captures my different moods so well. I can wear it for a brunch or to office! And I don't have to tell the well-meaning intruders in my personal space, that the clothes I wear are not only gorgeous, but also extremely comfortable. (Coz shhh, what's the fun in that!) Let them feel what they want since talkers will talk, and haters will hate. So to all pregnant women, look and feel your best! And trust me, while feeling beautiful also makes you look beautiful, it also works the other way around! #pregnancyfashion Dress: @themommy.collective Log on to and use code TMCXCHHAVI to avail Rs.1000/- off! ______________________________ #pregnancywear #chhavimittal #perspective #opinion #views #thoughts #dress #fashion #maternityfashion #maternitywear #clothes

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Dear mothers, do you realize how empowered you are? Do you realize that the ultimate gift of birthing another human life lies with you? So you really think this is something to be scared of?? Honestly, I feel there is nothing more beautiful than what we are blessed with and I can’t even begin to express in words how strong and fearless I feel when I think of that beautiful moment when my labor beginsAnd for the mothers who are scared to “wax” … well… For the sheer lack of wisdom, I implore you guys to tell them something that might make them see the light at the end of this imaginary tunnel 


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