Chhavi Mittal spending some “Me Time”

There is a huge transformation that a woman goes through once she has kids. Suddenly, its all about her kids, their upbringing, their needs. Moreover, even her day is run by her kids. There is no “Me time” at all for the lady of the house. However, times have really evolved for good. Thanks to the understanding husbands who don’t mind to share the daddy duties so that she can get a little time for herself. How do we know? Check out how Chhavi Mittal is spending some “Me Time” amidst her work and two kids.

Today we will talk about one such super mom, Chhavi Mittal. We have actually written a lot about this woman and she always gives something or the other to write even more about her. There is immense inspiration that a mother can draw from her words which are so so so relative. Let’s check out how Chhavi Mittal is spending some “Me Time”. Chhavi took to Instagram one more time to pour her thoughts on the same. She wrote,

“A mother. She does so many things all at once. She manages the house, feeds her babies, takes care of them, bathes them, attends to their tantrums, plays with them, teaches them, also manages her own work, her husband’s needs and in many cases her in-laws’ or her parents’ needs as well. But one more thing which is equally important for her own sanity is spending time with her. Me-time. What is it that you like to do and cannot find time for?

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Not so long ago I shared my birth story. Although I only spoke my heart about what I felt, without maligning anyone, I suffered verbal abuse, mockery, mental torture & trauma at the hands of some people from the "noble profession". It took time to sink in. But while I was robbed off my right to choose my birthing preference, I refuse to give up my right to choose positivity. Hence I choose hope. Because there were so many who rose up in my support. Hypno-birthing is a concept that has been adopted in the West already & it's only a matter of time before it is also accepted in our country. I promise you mothers, before it is time for our daughters to birth, things would have changed. And I request everyone who's reading this, to read it not as a professional, but as a human being first.. and think of my experience not as a stranger's or a celebrity's (I hate that word with a passion), but as your own or your daughter's, wife's, mother's or sister's. And while I may not have birthed the way I visualised, I'm still a better person thanks to hypno-birthing, because it not only gave me the courage to be prepared for everything, but also stay calm. And my faith is restored when a howling, unsettled Arham comes in mine or @mohithussein's arms, & our calm breaths calm him down. So thank you @mel.mgenovesi for taking me step by step through the Hypno-birthing process and holding my hand even today when I lose focus. Thank you @suzzannerebello for introducing me to this practice. Thank you @nataschachadha for reinstating my faith in it. Thank you @malik.ruth @birthindiaorg and @effath_yasmin and all the mothers who messaged me for not letting me crumble. And thank you many senior doctors for making my faith in this noble profession stronger than ever & believing that one rotten apple doesn't always spoil the barrel. #hypnobirthing ___________________ #birthing #mother #pregnant #pregnancy #chhavimittal #positivity #positivevibes #professionals

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Well, when I get really overwhelmed with all that I manage and need a break but can’t step out, I do really simple things like … I put on some music and do my hair! It takes me 15 min and makes me look and feel great! Or I put some bright lipstick on 😛. Sometimes I just wear a pretty dress. Trust me; these are simple things, but such mood uplifters! Not to mention, it’s amusing to see  @mohithussein reaction when he walks in the evening to find me feeding or massaging  @arhamhussein wearing red lipstick!”

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Chhavi Mittal spending some “Me Time” betwixt her work and kids
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