In this competitive world where everyone is just running a rat race. Intentionally or not, we also tend to put our kids into the same cycle. What we need to realize is that we can also be the change we wish to happen. When you are raising a kid, you are nurturing an individual right from scratch.

He will learn, act and behave the way you plan to. Let’s discuss a few points trying to learn Child Psychology, and how you can help your child in a better development.


So here are some questions that we are frequently asked about Child Psychology.


Q1.  What is child Psychology?

A: The way your child thinks… the way he reacts… the way he is growing up all comes under Child Psychology. Childhood is a very influential time. Anything and Everything that happens in these years of your child’s mental, physical and emotional development has a major impact on him. Child Psychology is the study that helps guide or diagnose any issues that might come.


Q2. Why is it important to monitor the Psychology of your child?

A: Well, the answer is simple, because you want your child to grow up as a happy, healthy and respectful individual. If you won’t have a sound foundation, the final outcome won’t be satisfactory.


Q3. Do I need to consult a Psychologist for this?

A: No!!! If you find anything fishy and you feel like you need to seek advice, then you should. Otherwise, its just the process of helping your child grow in a better way and no one can do it better than you yourself. Why would you want anyone else to teach your kid how to speak with elders? You will do it yourself right?


Q4. When is the right time to keep track?

A: When your child is in your womb. Yes, that’s right. You must have heard, “Happy mothers give birth to Happy kids”. That is because the environment that the child gets from the beginning is very calm and happy.


Q5. What exactly you shall observe?

A: You need to observe every activity of your child. The way he talks, his speech and even the words that he is using. The way he behaves with others, how well he socializes? Is he acting his age? All the factors need to be given a closer look.


Q6. How do I teach good values to my child?

A: First things first, Kids learn what they see. So you need to behave the way you want them to adopt. Be polite, gentle and friendly with them. Make sure they hear you but don’t fear you.


In the next section of the blog, we will discuss the different aspects of child Psychology and how to deal with them. Stay tuned… If you have any question to ask, pls comment below. We would also love to have your opinions on the issue.