Dandruff Treatment Cream: Best available in the market

Dandruff is disgusting! There are so many things and remedies that we try to cure dandruff. Today we are listing the dandruff treatment cream that is best available in the market. While in the rainy season, humidity causes dandruff, hot water baths are the major cause of dandruff in winters. Listed below are the creams and lotions that can help curb the unwanted white flakes. From switching brands to moisturizing and many other treatments can be done. However, it is essential to use the right kind of products to get the best results.

Check out the best dandruff treatment cream available in the market from this list

dandruff treatment cream

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

By using the natural ingredients, Himalaya has brought life back to the hair. Its specially made to strengthen hair, promote hair growth and also reduce dandruff. This cream is safe to use on permed or colored hair. Regular use of this dandruff treatment cream eventually helps get rid of dandruff. Pair it up with Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo to get even better results.

Mama Earth anti-dandruff hair mask

In recent times, Mama Earth has come out as the best brand for hair and skincare. When it comes to dandruff treatment cream, their anti-dandruff mask is the best. With tea tree oil, Argan oil and lemon oil as the main ingredients, it prevents itching, dandruff, and hair fall as well. Being 100% natural they are safe to use for colored hair as well.dandruff treatment cream

Forest essential Intensive Hair Mask

Forest essential is a promising brand hence their products are phenomenal. This dandruff treatment cream should be used before shampooing the hair. The presence of banana pulp and other herbs help in repairing damaged and frizzy hair. After first wash only you will see the visible changes in your hair.

Ketostar Anti Dandruff Cream

Ketostar dandruff treatment cream is a perfect combination of anti-fungal medicines that treat dandruff. The cream is only to be used under the knowledge of a physician. Massage the cream/lotion well onto your scalp and leave for a few minutes. With repeated washes, you will get rid of dandruff.

dandruff treatment creamKaya Anti-dandruff lotion

The lotion is made exclusively to treat dandruff. It helps get rid of itching, fungal infection, scaling and all other issues related to dandruff. It leaves your hair conditioned and smelling great! Moreover, unlike many other dandruff treatment creams, it doesn’t leave your hair dry and lifeless. It adds shine and volume on the other hand.

Choose any of the above creams and give your hair a new life! Follow us on Instagram for more product reviews.

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