Daughter Earth: one of the best vegan beauty brands

In recent times, the skincare industry has seen a complete transformation. People are well aware, well researched and a lot picky when it comes to choosing what they put on their face. They are more interested in vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free and chemical free natural beauty products. Gone are the days when advertisements and the big brand ambassadors could influence people. Moreover, this change was much required.

With this change, comes a lot of new brands in the market that claim of being all natural. If we have to name one brand which is totally a game changer in vegan beauty brands, it has to be Daughter Earth! Just like its name, it understands what the earth can gift to its daughters. Each product at Daughter earth is a perfect blend of Ayurveda, nature and the modern day technologies. In a nutshell, a daughter of the earth will never have to compromise while looking for the best vegan beauty brands.

The two most celebrated products of Daughter Earth are Rejuvenating Serum and Phytonutrient Moisturizer. Let’s learn in complete detail about both these products. As even we can’t wait to express how we loved this one from the big list of vegan beauty brands in India.



vegan beauty brands

Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum

Non-toxic, dermatologically tested, PETA approved, certified by Ayush ministry. Zero added chemicals, no preservatives, filled with nutrients, anti-oxidants and we can just go on and on with the specialties of this miracle product!

So we were really amazed by knowing that one face serum can actually work for all skin types. This means, all the effort that we all do look for the serum for our skin type is all in vain. Rejuvenating serum by daughter earth helps to give a new life a new glow to the dull lifeless skin. As you grow old, the signs of aging, wrinkles and the luster of your skin tend to wither away. This is where you need that one product which solves all your issues.

If you are also someone who always prefer to look for vegan beauty brands, your search ends exactly here! The rejuvenating serum is rich in vitamin E, C, and B.

Vitamin E: Lightens the dark sports, rejuvenate the dehydrated skin, and reserves the signs of aging.

Secondly, Vitamin B: Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, protects against sun damage and brightens the skin tone.

Vitamin C: Add shine to the skin, removes puffiness, provides hydration to the skin.

How to use: cleanse your face preferably with the Active Botanical Face Wash. Take a few drops of the face serum and massage it on your face. It can also be used as the primer before you apply the makeup. Firstly, it will help your makeup stay for longer and secondly it will reduce the effect of chemicals on your skin.


vegan beauty brands

Daughter Earth Phytonutrient Moisturizer

Truly the best! Moisturizer is the one thing that stays the closest to your skin. This is exactly why it needs to be the best of the bests. Eternal youth phytonutrient moisturizer is surely a blessing for every woman. There are so many natural, handmade, 100% organic and vegan beauty brands in the market providing an array of beauty products but we bet you will fall in love with this one.

This one is made with fruit and plant extracts. 100% natural composition and is suitable for all skin types (the uniqueness again!). The best part about the moisturizer is that it neither leaves your skin feeling dry nor does it give a greasy feel. It feels extremely light on the skin and gives a fresh dewy vibe with every application. Reducing the harmful effects of sun damage and the daily exposure to pollution and dirt, the phytonutrient moisturizer adds the youthful glow and shine to your skin.

How to use: Just like any other moisturizer, take the required quantity and apply it.


Daughter Earth Product Packaging

If love can come packed in a box, it would definitely look something similar! You know how those adorable little messages take your heart away… Every world on its product packaging connects you more to the brand and makes you feel immensely special.

Why choose Daughter Earth amongst all other natural and vegan beauty brands?

We haven’t come across any vegan beauty brands so far who involves nature as much as Daughter Earth. They give you the feel of actually being amidst the greens while you use their products. Also, they have a lot to back up their claims of being vegan, natural and effective! So just stop the search for natural, organic and vegan beauty brands and just trust us with Daughter Earth.

Cheers to all the daughters of the earth! Don’t forget to follow us!

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