Diet plan to lose weight before your wedding


If you are going to get married soon and reading this, first of all… congratulations! This is the most amazing and joyous phase of your life indeed. Along with the joy, this phase brings a lot of confusions and questions in every girl’s mind. Nonetheless, this is exactly what we are here for!


Reaching that goal weight for the wedding and rock that favorite wedding dress is every girl’s dream. In order to lose weight and in the pressure (if we may call it that!) of looking just the best, many girls opt for the unhealthy ways which prove more damaging. Yes, you want to reach your target weight but do you really want to look dull and sparkless on the most important day in your life? I guess, no!


bridal diet plan


So, let’s discuss some Diet plan to lose weight before your wedding in the healthiest possible way. Before we jump to the diet plan, please note that the diet is only to shed some kilos. A good healthy diet over the time will improve your hair texture, will add a glow to your skin and will keep you fit.


For the girls who are willing to put an extra bit to look their best, you are at the right place! Having said that, we must mention that it is not mandatory to lose weight before your wedding but it’s important to work on your body wedding or no wedding!


Here’s the plan!


  • Protein

Right from today, increase your protein intake. Make sure your diet has more protein than carbs or fiber. Protein increases the metabolism and will help suppress hunger.

  • Good Carbs

The first thing that any dietician would tell you is to boycott carbs. Now, this is completely wrong, you just need to be friends with good carbs. Go for the complex carbs which we find in brown rice, quinoa etc.


breakfast healthy


  • Breakfast

Never miss your breakfast. As at the time of breakfast, your body is starving and if it doesn’t get good food at that time it goes directly to our fat stores.

  • Break your meals

Do not fix the three big meals for your day. Graze instead and eat small portions every few hours. For instance, you can have 6 small meals in your day.

Apart from the diet, there are other factors that you need to be super careful about!

weddings are bound to give jitters. Yes, you will be stressed for a lot many things going on but don’t forget that it’s your day to cherish. These memories are for life and you do not want to waste them by just stressing out.


brides party


Limit your alcohol

There will be a lot of parties, night outs with your BFFs and many other reasons to pop some Champaign. Make sure you limit the intake.


It’s about you

Never do anything because others want you to do it! It’s about you, it’s your day and it’s your life. Just do things the way you want.



Much love and luck! For more on weddings, Follow us!

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