Do you have acne? These are the Best products for acne that you must have!


Most of the skincare industry revolves around acne and its scars. From daily breakouts to random zits, pimples can be like a mainstay on your face. Treating acne is a consistent process. It takes everyday care and attention to get rid of them. Acne is majority hormonal and occurs in the early teenage years and then they are like the mains.

Beauty and skincare industry has been flooded with tons of products that make huge claims of being anti-acne. Every other minute you see ads saying use so and so cream to get rid of acne overnight. Let’s be very clear, it is not going to happen. There’s no way a cream can remove your acne or its scar in just a few hours. So what is it that might help?


acne products in the market

Best products for acne that you must have


Clean and Clear foaming facial wash:

Starting with the basics, a face wash comes first… This one has always always been a best friend. There are so many big brands and highly marketed products in the market. But trust us on this, this simple and easy on the pocket product is the best you can get. 


The Body Shop Tea-Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

This one product has been named as a savior by many skincare experts. This one not only reduces acne but also treats the acne scars to a larger extent. There are many beauty bloggers who swear by this product and highly recommend it to the people who follow them!


body shop acne

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

If you have sensitive skin, this one is extremely sensitive too! Also if you have had any dermatologist session, your doctor would definitely have recommended this product to you. It keeps your skin hydrated and is very affordable too.


Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

Do we need to mention here how beautifully the Korean Skincare Routine works for skin? So our next product is the best face pack from the Korean market. Anybody whose struggling with acne should just buy this one and patch it on the face to steadily clear acne and mind it “its scars”. It’s a little on the costlier side but its all worth it!

Pro-tip: if you are looking for a fairly cheap product, go for the Himalaya Neem Face Pack.


innisfree clay mask

Lotus Acne Gel

It is a lightweight gel that gets absorbed in your skin quickly and hydrates the skin very well. The best part is that like the other gels in the market, this one doesn’t make your skin look greasy or dull. Apply a little gel on your face below the layer of makeup and it will also protect the skin against the harmful chemicals and harsh effects of makeup products.

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