Healthy foods for Dengue Patients

Spread through the bite of a mosquito, dengue is a fatal viral flu. In recent times the outbreak has been wide. People were so badly affected by it that it became difficult to step out. The flu is generally accompanied by severe joint pains, fever, and rashes.

It is also called the break-bone fever because of the severe joint and body pains that come with it. Dengue Patients needs immediate medical attention. As per research, India records around 366561 cases of dengue every year. Once affected, the symptoms become visible in about 3 days. Doctors always recommend a nutrient-rich diet for building strong immunity.


Dragon Fruit for Dengue

The widely suggested is Dragon Fruit. People have been looking out for the fruit everywhere which made it all the more clear that dragon fruit is highly effective for dengue patients. Wanna know why?

  • Vitamin C present in the fruit improves cellular immunity.
  • Owing to its antioxidant properties, dragon fruit boosts their hemoglobin and aids in stronger bones.
  • Not just during recovery, dragon fruit also helps post recovery.
  • The fiber present in the fruit is also beneficial for dengue patients.



dengue patients

Healthy foods for Dengue Patients

Papaya has always been a medicinal fruit. Also, it triggers the faster platelets count. The papaya seeds have been found to be toxic for the Aedes mosquitoes. Best way is to crush a few papaya leaves, make a juice and drink it twice daily.


Coconut Water

Dehydration is another thing accompanied by dengue. Thus coconut water is highly recommended because of the presence of electrolytes and essential minerals. The affected person should sip on to the fresh coconut water.



Indian dalia is a popular option for dengue patients. This one is rich in fiber, nutrients and ensures that your body gets enough strength to fight the disease. Porridge is also easy to digest and hence makes for the healthy food for people fighting with this disease.


dengue patients

Fruit Juices

Apart from drinking just plain water, the dengue patients should also drink some healthy fruit juices. Moreover, the glass full of fresh orange juice helps in digestion and also promotes antibodies which eventually help in early recovery.



Pomegranate is also always recommended to dengue patients. However, to a person suffering from a general deficiency of blood, pomegranate is advised. It is also rich in essential minerals and vitamins which provide the body with the required energy. A bowl of pomegranate will kill your fatigue and will also help raise the hemoglobin level.


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