While we all take a lot of care for our physical well-being, Emotional Wellness is something that we ignore a lot. Emotional wellness is generally related to self-love, healthy relationships, satisfaction, and securities. Mood swings are the major sign of emotional imbalance. A person with varying mood swings, fickle-mindedness, and annoying behavior is generally suffering from an emotional imbalance.

Factors influencing Emotional Wellness are



The major factor of emotional imbalance is “Misfit”. For example, doing a job that you no longer feel connected with. Doing the same work day in day out is not going to be in favor of your emotional wellness if you don’t feel connected to that work.


Self Love

Accept yourself and don’t doubt who you are. Be in love with yourself, the way you look and the way you think. Do not give anybody else the right to run your life.


Healthy Relationships

If the people we are surrounded with don’t connect, it’s going to be a major downfall in the emotional well-being. Every relationship has issues and there’s nothing in the world that can’t be resolved. Talk it out and just keep it simple.


Open for NEW

If you keep yourself close to what you have and don’t welcome the new things, how will you know what’s next for you! Be open for change and welcome new beginnings. Take chances and explore all that the world has to unfold.


Do not Presume

Problems begin when you presume things and believe that they are going to be in a certain way. If you have doubts, clear them and work on it as well. Talk and discuss to know the exact thing instead of exaggerating. Most importantly, be concerned about your own piece of mind.


If the emotional imbalance still prevails, practice Yoga or meditation to balance your thoughts and calming your mind. In situations of frustration, take deep breathe, drink plenty of water and do what makes you happy. Nevertheless, stay happy and do not forget to smile too. In conclusion, your health is in your own hands.

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