Finding will power stories to get some motivation? Here’s Chhavi Mittal for you

Dedication towards work is something very few people have these days. Will power stories of those who love their work and go beyond power for their work are rare. With social media flooding with work-life memes and people cribbing a lot about work-life balance. There still are people for whom work is fun, work is their vacation. Introducing one of those will power stories and one such person to you. She is none other than Chhavi Mittal.

Chhavi runs the popular youtube channel SIT (shitty ideas trending) and they have the most entertaining content out there. Recently Chhavi fractured her foot but guess what? This lady kept working for 6 days with that fractured toe and a big bright smile! Wanna know what really happened? Hear it from Chhavi herself and read out the not so ordinary will power stories.

“Fractured foot of a girl vs fractured foot of a mother.. a working mother… A working mother of 2!
I fractured my foot in the last few days of my pregnancy. Why I didn’t tell anyone then? Well, I didn’t know myself! The last few weeks of the pregnancy, as you might recall were super hectic for me. I had to schedule the SIT posts in advance so I could take a couple of weeks off when I delivered, my interior decorators were making it extremely difficult for me to take out time for anything else, I needed to move houses ‘before’ Arham came so as to protect him from the dust… And there was little @areezahussein who is growing up to be more demanding than ever!

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I kept limping, thinking it’s a sprain. It pained like a b*tch but I decided to be strong through it. The pregnancy swelling made it impossible for me to suspect anything out of the ordinary. Plus X-rays were not allowed. I delivered, and the fracture slowly healed itself.. not correctly though. I continued to have a nagging pain which sprang up upon being pressed or in certain positions. Until last week, when we started shooting for the first upcoming Web Series for the second weekly upload on SIT, ‘Yours Cupidly’.

I fractured my foot in the same spot again (4th metatarsal bone) and again I continued to walk all day on sets, and went to the office every day, and took care of my responsibilities at home, during the day as well as night. The pain increased, and I finally decided to go to the doctor (thank God). My royal ignore got me a royal scolding, and he put me in a cast for a whole month! (I almost felt like he’s punishing me and saying, “ab chal ke dikha!”).

And the stubborn me, went on sets the very next morning and shot for the upcoming episode of THE BETTER HALF streaming day after! So ya, it’s not like I don’t want to rest, it’s just that I don’t have a choice! I have 2 kids, and my work is super demanding too. Am I complaining? Hell no! This is the life I would choose a 100 times over! My latest achievement is a fracture what’s yours, fellow mother?

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