Chandigarh Police begins to take a fine of Rs 10000 on littering

There is a reason why this city is called the “City Beautiful”. The lush greens, parks, less pollution, clean and wide roads and most of all the planned architecture also. Everything together makes Chandigarh a beautiful city in a brief. Moreover, the traffic police in the city is also like nowhere in the whole country.

However, Chandigarh has slipped this year from its position of being the cleanest city. Furthermore, the municipal corporation of the city seems to be taking it way too seriously. After all, the city has been carrying the tag of being beautiful since it was established.


As per the latest news, Chandigarh Police started charging the fine of Rs 10000 on littering. The rule is effective from 1st April 2019. Though it was released back in 2017 no one was actually fined. This time they have taken it seriously.

A notification has it that fine of Rs 5000 will be imposed on littering in residential areas whereas Rs 10000 will be imposed on littering in commercial areas. The health and sanitation department of Chandigarh first did the survey and took pictures of heaps of litter near food joints and in many residential areas. These pictures are kept as proof and the warnings have been issues. Anybody found continuing the act will be imposed the fine on littering.


The interesting part of the story is that, after the rule was imposed, within just two days Chandigarh police collected around 2 Lakh rupees. The fine on littering is not just confined till here. The challans are also being imposed on people using plastic bags. Till date, 40 people in total have been imposed fine on littering, 7 licenses have been revoked and 10 people have been fined for using plastics.

Medical Officer of Health, Amrit Pal Singh talked to a leading daily. He said, “our aim is not to collect revenue but to make people aware that they shouldn’t litter or stash garbage. People should understand the intention behind the challan drive.” We are hopeful that the city residents will learn the intention behind and we see the city beautiful topping the cleanliness charts again!

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