Get glowing skin in 15 days: Home remedies

Glowing skin is always in! No matter how much makeup you put on, if the glow is natural there’s no match to that. Nothing speaks beauty better than a naturally glowing skin. When we say get glowing skin in 15 days, you definitely got excited! However, to achieve that beautiful glow, a lot of effort is required. More than efforts, it’s the consistency that is needed. You have to religiously follow all the steps mentioned below and end results will be beautiful!

get glowing skin in 15 days

No Sugar

Sugar is your enemy. Be it your weight loss journey or your skincare regime. You need to completely cut it out from your routine. Don’t even try to give it up by gradually reducing the intake. When we say give it up, just give it up right away! No sugar is your first step to get glowing skin in 15 days. Sugar kills your body’s ability to fight wrinkles and saggy skin. [You may like to read: How to quit sugar]. Once this happens, no amount of lotions or creams will work for you!

Eat Simple

You are already in the lockdown… that is going to help you with one thing! You are eating home-cooked meals already just make them simpler. Eating at home never means you are going to fried foods, sweets or overeat! Getting glowing skin in 15 days is not an easy job so it definitely takes some extra effort! Getting bored doesn’t mean you need to eat… Cut down the food intake keeping in mind there’s not much physical activity happening.


Now you need to explore this field. Not just water but naturally flavored water (detox) should be included. Add lemons, mint, cucumber or fresh fruits into your water bottle and sip it up all day long. It will help you get the glass skin you have always been trying to get. Flushing out of toxins will make sure the pigmentation and dark spots from your skin are also all gone within days. If you need to get glowing skin in 15 days, never let that bottle finish.

get glowing skin in 15 days

Yoga and Meditation

Beautiful skin comes from a calm mind. Meditation and yoga calm the mind, keeps the stress and the unnecessary dullness away. It also helps regulate your digestive system and maintain blood circulation hence adding a youthful glow on to your skin. Not just this, yoga poses also help in tightening up your skin. So wishing to get glowing skin in 15 days will also have yoga in the schedule.


Apart from all the above steps, keep stress away, sleep for at least 8 hours a day and stay happy! For more tips on skincare, click here. Also, follow us on Instagram for skincare product reviews.

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