Tips to help get up early in the morning

There are so many benefits of getting up early in the morning. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So in a desire to be all this, you must have also tried getting up early many times. If you are also a night owl, you know exactly how difficult it is to leave your bed early. Especially, when you don’t have the early office hours.

According to Ayurveda, the perfect time to get up is around 30-40 minutes before the sunrise! It is believed that this is the time when your body synchronizes with the rhythm of the sun. It gives you the peace that you seek all day long. Also for those who do meditation, this is the best time. They say if you do a thing regularly for 21 days that becomes a sort of habit. But for that to happen, you need to complete those 21 days.


how to get up early in the morning

How to get up early in the morning


Go light on Dinner

Having heavy, oily or fried stuff will make you lazy and will increase your sleep time. Try eating light dinner so that your body feels light and you get relaxed sleep and can get up easily in the morning.

Prepare for sleep

If you have a habit of sleeping late, you need to prepare your body to fall asleep early. This is important so that your sleeping hours are covered and you don’t get cranky. Keep the gadgets away from you at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Use some good aroma oils (lavender) to induce sleep. You can also try taking a hot water shower. This relaxes your body and helps get deep sleep.

Keep the alarm clock away

If your alarm clock is just near you, you will shut it off quickly and will go back to sleep. Chances are you already do this! The best way out would be to keep your alarm clock at a little distance so that you have to get up from your bed to turn it off. Also be determined that once you are out of the bed, you are literally out of it.


how to get up early in the morning

Plan something exciting

Keep something exciting planned for the morning. Like breakfast at your favorite café, going out for a walk in the park or taking your dog out. A yummy breakfast can also be the motivation for some.

Get motivated

Read the benefits of getting up early. Find and read the stories of successful people who start their day early. Tell yourself of all the trouble you will be saving yourself from. As you are up early, you have enough time in hand to make your morning productive. By the time others will get up, you are all sorted and ready to take the day on!


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