Gorgeous love story of a plus size woman: no less than a fairy tale!

We honestly love it when the stereotypes break! Moreover, the people who don’t give a damn about them are to be praised and celebrated. There has always been a stereotype that a plus-size woman always needs to lose some weight to look gorgeous. However, its just nothing but some sick mentality that needs to be repaired. Giving #couplegoals and writing their own definition of beauty and love, is our couple here! From the official humans of Bombay, we got this beautiful love story of a plus-size woman which is no less than a fairytale.

Read on… “From the time I’ve met her, she’s been one person that stands for everything ‘equal’. She’s been ‘plus-size’ since she was a child, but she’s never let it get to her—a lot of times she has been called out for being ‘fat’. But that’s never deterred her. When I met her in college, I realized that she was one of the most confident women I’d met. Moreover, she didn’t care who thought what, she did exactly what she wanted to. She loved fashion, so she’d never shy away from wearing what she wanted to. Also, she was on the dance team & took part in most college activities!

plus size woman

As we hung out more, I’d started to like her—& somewhere she felt the same. So even though there was no label, we both knew what we had. But it didn’t take long before we started dating. Life with her was so much fun—we’d spend the whole day together & even sneak out to meet in the night. I’d steal my cousin’s bike, just because she loved long drives at night! With her, life was uncomplicated, I started feeling free & learned to listen to my heart. So I knew that I wanted her in my life forever!

One day, I booked a floor of a restaurant & decorated it with rose petals. When she entered, I got down on one knee—she was speechless & after a few seconds, said ‘Yes!’. We decided to have a wedding that would break societal stereotypes & celebrate our individuality! Then, we got married thrice, once in my hometown, once in her hometown & once in Mumbai. We both arrived at the wedding, riding a horse! There was no ‘giving away the bride’ & we had the priest tweak the vows so that the husband doesn’t have to be ‘supreme’ but is on par with the wife! She didn’t put sindoor or wear a ‘mangalsutra’ —we got ourselves inked on our ring fingers!

plus size woman

We’ve been with each other for over 12 years now & after getting married we’re living with her parents so that she can be closer to home, & until we can afford our own place! With every stereotype, we break & our own rules that we create—I’m learning the true meaning of living life, fearlessly with her. She taught me how to love unconditionally, how to step out of the bounds & just enjoy once in a while —we’re building our own world, one where we always lift each other up.”

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