Hair Color Protection Products: Best in the market

It is a tough job to take care of hair and when it comes to colored hair, it gets tougher. There are plenty of hair color protection products in the market and thus it becomes difficult to choose. To make your color stay on for long and to minimize the effect of color bleach on your strands, you need to be super careful. With the chemical infused dyes, the hair tends to get rough, dry and can also lead to hair fall.

People often go by the suggestions of their hairstylists when it comes to choosing the right hair color protection products. Although it is a good practice doing a bit of the research by yourself is also a good idea. Listed below are the highly recommended hair color protection products which you can use!

hair color protection products

Wella Professionals SP color save mask

Wella is a promising product when it comes to professional hair care. This mask by Wella professionals saves the color for long and it doesn’t fade away soon. Moreover, it lets the natural luster of the hair stay intact and prevents them from drying out. The UV filter in this mask also helps the hair against sun damage which means no split ends or frizzy hair.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo

Hydrating the colored hair with argan oil and other replenishing nutrients is the best practice. It has a gentle cleansing and moisturizing formula that hydrates your hair. Also, the shampoo is rich in vitamin A and red algae that moisturizes your hair and slows down the aging effect on hair. The shine, luster, and volume of your hair will make you fall in love with them over again!

hair color protection products

Innisfree Camellia Essential hair serum

Camellia oil is known to add a healthy shine to the hair. It also revitalizes the damaged hair affected by the hairstyling machines or the dyes. Using this hair serum, you are free to turn your hair into any style using any styling product or appliance and not worry a bit about the damage. It also instantly absorbs in your hair without leaving an oily layer on your hair. Innisfree being the 100% natural Korean brand is free from any parabens or other chemicals.

Palmer’s coconut oil formula leave-in conditioner

Are you always in a hurry? You never really get time to condition your hair after you are done shampooing them? Then this leave-in conditioner by Palmer’s is exactly what you need. One of the best hair color protection products, which nourishes your hair and keep them bouncy and shiny. It has absolutely no parabens, no sulfates and is extremely well for colored hair. Moreover, it strengthens the hair and also gives them nourishment to let the color stay longer and damage stay color protection products

Kiehl’s Deeply Reparative Hair Pack

This hair pack is specially made for damaged, under-nourished and dehydrated hair. It contains molecules that mimic the natural oils which coat the healthy hair nourish them deeply. An ideal product for hair that has been damaged by sun exposure, pollution or chemical processing or hair styling. This one is the best amongst all hair color protection products without a doubt.


Buy any of these from the list and let your hair color stay a little longer. For more product reviews, follow us on Instagram.

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