Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a new trend in the health industry. Moreover, people are way too much conscious about what they eat now than they were ever before. So, for all those who are always in a lookout for healthy foods, this article is a find! Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods present. They are versatile in use as well as in benefits.

With the fewest possible calories, these seeds provide a massive amount of nutrients. Also, these seeds are a rich source of calcium, iron, and fiber. Moreover, they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary fiber and much more. Also, these miracle seeds are filled with good cholesterol which protects you from heart diseases

Lets list down the health benefits of Chia seeds

Chia Seeds

In Weight Loss

Chia seeds are full of fiber, hence keeps you full for a longer period of time. Moreover, 1 tablespoon of seeds fulfill many of your dietary intakes in the day. Mostly these seeds are consumed after soaking in water. This gel type of water digests very slowly and potentially prevents hunger for a longer period of time. Thus it keeps the cravings at bay and helps reduce weight loss.

Cholesterol levels

The high fiber content has shown results in balancing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The good amount of dietary fiber that you get from them reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Moreover, it decreases the risk of inflammatory conditions in the body like cancer, diabetes as well as obesity.

Rich in Protein

As compared to many of the other plants, Chia seeds have more protein percentage. The most wonderful thing is that Chia seeds reduce your midnight snack cravings by 50%. This is the most crucial time when most of the diets fail. So if you are also falling pray for the night cravings, have some chia seeds.


A study in 2017 proved that these seeds may convert glucose into a slow- release carbohydrate. Hence, it could have a positive effect on people with type 2 diabetes. The high fiber diet helps keep the blood sugar stable.


Chia Seeds

How to eat 
  • Soak a tablespoon of Chia seeds in a glass full of water. Keep it overnight; stir them in the morning and drink.
  • Put the tablespoon of these in your smoothie.
  • You can sprinkle the seeds in your fruit and salad bowl.


Take the seeds in the right quantity and stay healthy! For more health and fitness articles, click here. Follow us on Facebook.

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