Home remedies to treat irregular periods

A normal menstrual cycle is of 28 days. Any time between 26 to 35 days is considered normal. It varies from woman to woman. If a woman gets her periods during this time range everytime, nothing like it. However, some woman at some point in their life experience irregularity. This can be normal as well if it is not happening usually. But things need your attention if it’s a usual thing with your menstrual cycle.

To find out the home remedies to treat irregularity in your periods, you need to first understand the cause. The menstrual cycle of every woman is different from the other; hence it becomes necessary to find out why you are getting irregular periods.


home remedies irregular periods

The most common reasons behind irregularity can be:

Stress or Anxiety

If there is a lot of stress or anxiety in your life, it can be a major reason for irregular periods. The release of stress hormones will affect the release of estrogen and can cause delayed menstruation.


The delay can also be because your body is going into the menopause phase. This generally happens around the age of 35 to 45 but this can’t be fixed as everybody hits menopause at its own time.


Mostly the birth control pills or injection can also be the reason behind irregular menstrual cycle.


PCOS is a hormonal condition in a woman’s body. Especially in young girls, this can also be a big reason for irregular periods.


We would like to mention here that, if the situation of your irregular periods is affecting your daily life, you should see your doctor. Missing your period for two months in a row is not just irregular periods but can be a medical situation as well. Pregnancy is another reason why you are probably missing out on them. It is always better to check with your doctor and find out the reason behind. Once you are sure about the factor causing irregular periods, it will be super easy for you to find your home remedies.

Next question that comes in the picture is that can we make our cycle smooth naturally? Can you regulate your periods using home remedies? The answer is a big yes! The reason can be anything but there are so many ways that can definitely help regulate your periods.


home remedies irregular periods

Let’s take the home remedies one by one that works well.


 Yoga and Meditation

The very first reason that we mentioned is stress/anxiety. Yoga and meditation are the most effective home remedies to reduce stress levels, keeping you calm and thus regulating menstrual cycle. The idea is to do some exercise to give a kick to endorphins that you need as one of the home remedies to regulate irregular periods.


Adjust your Diet

Doing some fixes in your diet is another best thing to regulate periods. Mostly the women who are either underweight or overweight tend to get an irregular menstrual cycle. Diet can help work as the natural way for such women. Its time you say goodbye to the processed foods and sugary drinks. Include more fiber in your diet. Women who often complain of irregular flow or heavy pains should also keep a watch on their diet. Excessive intake of junk food, sugary beverages and skipping on your meals can put you in a bad situation.


Eat Papaya and Pineapple

Fruits are good anyway but you need to eat a fruit that works towards regulating your cycles. Include papaya or pineapple in your diet as one of the natural ways. Both of these fruits contain bromelain which is known to soften the uterus lining and help solve your problem. 1 bowl of any of these fruits or both mixed together serves enough essential nutrients to your body.

There are so many home remedies to treat irregular periods that we can go on and on mentioning them here. Hence we pick to share those that are most effective and easy to adopt.


home remedies irregular periods

Spices to your rescue

Regular spices that are found in every household: Ginger and Cinnamon. These spices work as home remedies to treat irregular periods. How you need to take them:

  • We recommend taking is a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in a glass of warm water. You can also add some lemon into this drink.
  • From the box of magic, comes the cinnamon milk. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon in warm milk (almond milk preferably) and drink it every night. These will not only help you in regulating your cycle but will also give good sleep.
  • Introducing ginger in your routine is also one of the best home remedies. You can opt for ginger infused water (like we make the detox water) or ginger herbal tea. Ginger gives relief in painful periods as well as controls the flow of blood.


Vitamin intake

Irregular periods are often associated with Vitamin D and Vitamin B. These two vitamins are often given by a doctor in the form of supplements to women who complain of menstrual complications. But as we are only talking about the home remedies today, we will check how naturally we can add these two vitamins in our diet. Vitamin D can be obtained from orange juice, milk, and other dairy products and fatty fish. Vitamin B is present in abundance in green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and meat. Choose your preferred food and let these Vitamins work as home remedies to regulate your irregular periods.

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