Home remedies to remove tan

Stepping out in the sun during the summers brings a lot of concerns. The scorching sun, dehydration and one more crucial effect that is tanning bring a lot of scares. Tan lines can sometimes even cause the mismatch of the skin tone. Along with the dark tan lines, if you get itching sensation or burning effect, it leads to sunburns which are even worst.

However, you don’t need to stop yourself from heading out in the sun. Keep the plans on but the tan off! Use the below-listed Home remedies to remove tan. Tan at any part of your body which is exposed to the sun can be removed using these simple ingredients in a simpler way.

Home remedies to remove tan in summers


home remedies to remove tan

Cucumber, Lemon and Rose Water

All these three are made for summers! The home remedies to remove tan would always have one or all of these ingredients. Cucumber soothes the heating effect, rose water acts as a toner and lemon lighten the skin ton.

How to use: crush a cucumber; add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of rose water into it. Rub this very gently on your face or any part of your body affected by suntan. Leave it on for some time and just wash off completely.


Turmeric, Gram Flour, and Rose Water

One of the instant home remedies to remove tan is this super nourishing mask. Turmeric evens out the skin tone while a little coarseness in gram four once dried will eventually remove the dead skin cell.

How to use: Mix turmeric and Gram flour in equal quantities and add a considerate amount of rose water in it to make a paste. Apply it on your face and neck. Moreover, this like the other home remedies to remove tan can be applied to other exposed part of your body as well. Let the pack dry and then just wash it off with cold water.


home remedies to remove tan

Aloe Vera and Tomato

Another one from the list of Home remedies to remove tan is a paste made of aloe vera and tomato. Tomato removes any signs of aging, tan lines, and aloe vera gives even skin tone and also removes pigmentation.

How to Use: Take 1 big tablespoon of ale vera (best if you can get a fresh one) mix it with the pulp of tomato. Gently massage this gel on your face. Let it remain on your face for about 15 minutes, wash off and dry!  


Papaya and Honey

Many skincare products have the enzymes present in Papaya. Honey, on the other hand, makes your skin soft and supple. Mixed together these both ingredients gives a radiant glow to your face.

How to use: mash a few pieces of papaya to make 3 spoonfuls of the fruit pulp. Add honey to it and make a thick paste. Use it as a face pack on your face, neck, arms, legs or hands. Once the paste dries, gently exfoliate it and remove with cold water.


Orange Peels and Multani Mitti

Orange peels are rich in vitamin c and anti-oxidants. The powdered form of these peels along with Multani mitti can be used as home remedies to remove tan. Multani mitti is a blessing in summers as it instantly refreshes the skin and provides a cooling effect to it.

How to use: Make sure you dry the orange peels in winters when we get fresh oranges and make the powder ready. Add some multani mitti into it along with rose water or milk. Apply this as a face pack or just massage your skin well with this paste.


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