When your newborn is growing, every milestone is exciting and you definitely want to make sure that you do it all with perfection. Whether it’s the first step or the first word. Potty training, sleep patterns and all is very tiring but mesmerizing at the same time. One such milestone is when you plan on to feed your baby with solids for the first time. Parents usually have plenty of questions including when and how to start feeding your baby with solids. So, let’s discuss this in detail.


How and When to start feeding your baby solids

First things first, the right time to start is when your baby is around 6 to 8 months old. Remember every baby is different so you would have to check if your baby is excited to see the food in your plate and if he or she is able to chew a little and swallow. The best thing is to talk to your pediatrician and check when your baby is ready for the spoon.

Following steps are to be taken care of when you start feeding your baby with solids
  • Plan on starting a routine. Try and incorporate a routine for your child, it never means you have to force them to eat at the time of breakfast but slowly try to bring them in the routine of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Get used to the mess. Consider that your baby is just learning to identify the feel of a spoon in his/her mouth. The texture and taste of various foods. So sometimes they like it sometimes they don’t. Prepare yourself for its going to be messy. They tend to puke the food out that they won’t like.
  • Nutrient-rich food. So we are not going to mention any nutrients here because that is something that your pediatrician knows the best. Ask your doctor to list down the nutrients that you need to feed your child or just mention the foods that you are supposed to give.
  • Avoid foods that are unhealthy and know that you are not pampering your child while feeding him with sweets and fried foods but are spoiling his health.


Happy Parenting! Stay tuned for more updates.