How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram

Instagram is the new “work from home” and get paid job! However, it’s a full-time job if you really want to earn well. That’s right… all those gorgeous girls in beautiful outfits that you see on Instagram are actually putting their profiles to good use and are earning big. How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram is what we are going to know today!

A study shows that the top fashion bloggers earn as big as 50k for just one post. Although these bloggers do have a lot of organic followers, over one million. Also, no big blogger ever reveals the exact amount of money that they make but many agree that they make more than they ever imagined. Not just the money, a lot of perks come along with that. Think about all the fashion accessories and dresses that you will be getting for free! You can work at your own convenience.

But before you get all excited, you need to know that there also a lot of hard work that you need to put into this. Making sure you get the best picture clicked. Also to make sure your followers are organic and that they engage with your posts. How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram is easy to see than done. Let’s find out different ways that explain how do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram.

How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram

How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram

More followers more Money

But the catch behind is that the followers should be organic and engaging. Even an Instagrammer with few thousand followers can make a big amount just if the followers are engaging with the profile. Moreover, bloggers with more than 1 million followers can easily get paid more than $15000. As the follower count increases, so does the amount. [You may also like to read: Fashion trends for working women]


If you want to negotiate the brands to pay more, give them something exclusive. For instance, many prefer that you put more than just one post. Some brands want you to post on certain days, promote their offer or put stories about them. However, the best exclusive deal is to post about them and never to indulge in promoting their competitors. You just need to find the fashion hack and crack a good deal.

Get in touch with 3rd party

As this field has grown a lot, now you can easily find agents. These agents work as the mediator between the bloggers and the brand. Use these agents to fetch more and more brands and increase your brand value.

So go ahead, make a nice page, try and engage people. Moreover, make them follow you and give them the exclusive niche-based content. Bring the attention of the brands to your profile and pitch them! It will just take a few pitches before they actually find and contact you to collaborate. You may have to do barter-based collaborations to start with but know that you will have to stop and start charging the soon you realize that its time to earn!

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