How to do Pedicure at home

Your feet take you places, why not pamper them more than you take care of your body! Though it’s true that shedding huge bucks on a regular pedicure session every few days is tough. However, a pedicure is one such thing which you can do on your own! We will discuss in this article, how to do pedicure at home. Moreover, you just require a few ingredients and about half an hour! Regular cleaning and pampering of your feet will lead them to look clean, fresh and groomed all the time.

In our daily routines, our feet are the most ignored part of the body. We often forget to even moisturize them daily. However, when it comes to going for a party, then is when we realize our feet don’t look as they should. To avoid such situations, we will learn how to do pedicure at home!

How to do Pedicure at home

Pedicure at home

Remove the nail paint

Before we start with how to do pedicure at home steps, do this one. If you have any nail paint on your toe and fingers, take some remover and remove it first. Secondly, cut your nails as per the shape you want and also file them. The next step would be to remove the cuticles and now its time for the next step.


Take lukewarm water and put some Epsom salt, liquid soap and form some leather. Now dip your feet in the tub and relaaaxx for about 15 minutes. You can also put some essential oil in the water. Take a pumice stone, scrub off the dead skin and also scrub your heels. Gently use the pumice stone and remove the dead skin from every corner of your feet. This step of how to do pedicure at home will also help relieve your tiredness and stress.


Dry your feet with a towel. Take a good moisturizing cream and massage well on both your feet. Massage well on both your feet one after the other. Also, make sure you massage the cuticles, nails and your heels very well. Massage increases the blood flow, soothes the skin and gives a clean look to your feet.

How to do Pedicure at home


Next step is to take foot scrub and gently exfoliate your feet. Make sure you exfoliate in the areas between your fingers and sides of your feet. Exfoliation helps remove any hard skin if you have. Once you are done doing the exfoliation, wash your feet in a tub of clean fresh water. Again, considering it is a how to do pedicure at home, we will make DIY scrub.

Foot Scrub: one tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey and some olive oil mixed in oatmeal powder. That’s all you need to make a scrub at home. Check out more DIY foot scrubs. 

Foot Pack

Dry your feet nicely. Now on the clean, fresh feet put some foot mask. There is a variety of foot masks available already in the market. Considering that it is a how to do pedicure at home article, we can make our own DIY foot mask.

Foot Mask: take a tablespoon of Multani Mitti, add 2 drops of olive oil and 5 drops of milk in it. Make a paste-like consistency. Apply this on your feet and leave till it completely dries. Then wash your feet and dry them.

Moisturize and Glam

Now all the steps under how to do pedicure at home are done. You need to apply some good foot cream on your feet and moisturize them nicely. Its time to pick your favorite nail paint shade and glam up your feet!

Tip: you can set your routine to use these how to do pedicure at home steps every Sunday! With time your feet will look as pretty and flawless as your face.

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