How to Drink Water Correctly

As surprising as the title may sound, yes there’s a way to drink water as well! Right time, right quantity also in the right way, all this has to be taken care of. How to drink water correctly is what we are going to discuss today. Moreover, we will also be covering the points on how much water to drink and at what time.

Lets See How to drink water correctly

We have always been asked by people around us to drink more water. Talk about skincare, fitness, health or lifestyle, water just flows in. Moreover, we all know the importance of hydration. However, even after knowing all of this, we don’t really start drinking 8 or 10 glasses of water. So, does that mean you are not doing it right? Well, not really! So how to drink water correctly? Read on to know.

how to drink water correctly

After waking up

The moment you wake up, wake your organs up with a glass of warm water. This has to be the first meal of the day. It helps flush out the toxins from your body. Your body has been accumulating the waste for the entire night. Moreover, if you wait for another 15-20 minutes, or you have it after you get fresh, it probably won’t be for good use. So this morning water will help ease your bowel movement.

Sip don’t Chug

Leave the chugging part to some chilled beer! Water is best had with little sips. The worst part is, you chug an entire bottle at night just to complete your day’s goal. Interestingly, that really is going to be waste. Moreover, you will never absorb that water you will chug. So sip all day round and slowly let the body absorb it.

How to drink water correctly: Before or Water the meal

This has been one of the most asked questions always. Well, water before a meal is a blessing. It induces your digestive juices making them active as you eat your food. However, if you have water immediately after a meal it dilutes the stomach acids. Wait for about 15 minutes and then you can have your glass of water.

how to drink water correctly

Sit while you drink

This one is not widely used or acknowledged but is one of the vital tips of how to drink water correctly. If you have water while standing, this leads to the accumulation of fluids in the joints leading to arthritis. However, while you sit, your nervous system is relaxed and it helps in digestion. Also, your kidneys speed up the filtration process while sitting.

Infuse your water

The best way to make sure the water you drink is getting properly absorbed, the infusion is recommended. This is where detox comes to play! The options that you have include: Chia seeds, squeeze a lemon, add grated ginger. Moreover, you can also add cucumbers, mint or strawberries. This makes your water yummy as well as aids absorption.


By now you know the tips of how to drink water correctly. So go ahead, grab your bottles and keep sipping. For health and fitness blogs, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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