Understand when to become a friend and a parent

It’s good to be friends with your kids but draw a line. You need to keep your parental side up sometimes to make them understand that they need to listen to you. It doesn’t mean you have to be harsh on them. But just make them realize the certain way they should be adopting while talking to the elders.


They will copy you

Remember, kids always copy what they see. Before you go ahead get angry on them, do some introspection. Are you behaving in a similar way with people around you? You need to model a respectful behavior in order to expect the same from your kid.


Praise Them

Kids love it when you praise them for something good that they have done. If you ignore the good deeds that will develop a kind of feeling in them that it is of no use to take effort. This might even disconnect your kid emotionally. Things as small as if they say “Thank you” are so appreciated by you so that they use it often longing for that appreciation.


DO NOT Entertain Tantrums

Once they know the idea works, it is going to be an everyday thing! If they shout loud when stopped from eating a lot of candy, don’t just give up and let them eat. Instead, tell them with much love and politely why they can’t have it now and save some for future. Make them understand the reasons why you are not letting them do a certain thing.

Kids are adorable and yes its hard to not let them be! But we also have to focus on the fact that these kids are going to be grownups soon and the nobody wants a disrespectful brat around them.