How to hide Facial hair with makeup

We all have those little unwanted facial hair which usually creates a fuss! Moreover, on days when you don’t want to just tweeze them out. Those painful visits to the salon to get them waxed can also be avoided. Yes, that’s true you can completely skip that. Some makeup tricks are all you need. How to hide Facial hair with makeup? Keep reading.

The most visible and quite awkward facial hair is around the jawline. Firstly, because they are more visible and secondly because they give the feel of a beard. Who wants that! All you need is just a few perfect beauty products and the tricks and you are sorted! Yes, we promise!

Hiding Facial hair with makeup
Color Correcting Palette

When we find out ways on how to hide facial hair with makeup, color correction is really helpful. When you try to cover all those dark spots and uneven skin tone, the hair also gets color corrected and match your skin tone. The areas where you need to hide the facial hair, just apply a thin layer of your color correction.


This one is the most common method amongst the entire how to hide facial hair with makeup tricks. However, it is not recommended to use bleach regularly but once in a while it’s completely fine. Bleach matches the hair color with your skin tone and they seem to be one! Also, the bleach takes the tan away.


How to hide Facial hair with makeup

Matte setting powder

After you are done applying your makeup base and before you apply the blush on or eye makeup. Use the matte finish setting powder and make sure to dab some extra powder on the areas where you want to hide the facial hair. Not convinced? Still looking How to hide facial hair with makeup… Keep reading, we have more.


Dip a concealer brush into your foundation and give gentle dabs. However, make sure to not press too hard, not let the base unsettle and be very very gentle. Once you are done dabbing, use the setting powder again to give a smooth finish. If there’s one best trick on how to hide facial hair with makeup, it has to be this one.


Other than these how to hide facial hair with makeup tricks, the best way to look flawless would always be getting rid of this hair before applying your makeup. For more on beauty and skincare, follow us on Facebook.

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