How to Increase Height before 18

Every individual should be accepting, happy and confident about their appearance. However, if there are certain things you can do to get that desired height, weight and hair, why not! The only thing that is essential is your will to do it for your own self. In this article, we will talk about how to increase height before 18. The most effective lifestyle changes and exercises that can help gain that desired height.

Tips on How to increase Height before 18
Proper Nutrition

Taking proper nutrition is essential for body growth. Hence, this is also an essential part of how to increase height before 18. Moreover, most students are malnourished, thus they do not reach the desired height until puberty. So a meal rich in iron, phosphorous and manganese will help aid for growth. Also, a protein-rich diet is vital.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Obesity is one of the major reasons behind stunted growth. So in order to know how to increase height before 18, you need to first keep your weight in check. Along with this, practice good posture. Sitting and standing upright with your back straight, helps in making you feel and look tall.

how to increase height before 18


To be precise, stretching exercises are ideal to increase height. You can try pull-ups. Moreover, there are yoga asanas that are good at increasing height. Surya Namaskar for that matter is the best to exercise under how to increase height before 18. Stretching allows your spine to stretch and increase the height. Doing this exercise daily for about 30 minutes would be enough to see the desired results.

Understand the genetics

What height you will attain also majorly depend on your genetics. Based on many studies, the height of an individual depends on 80% on genes. However, you just need to be accepting of this fact and feel confident about your body and height. You can definitely make a little change and work out on steps for how to increase height before 18. Always remember, to work towards changing the way you look should only be because you want it. It should never be because someone or a few people in the society disapprove of it. 

how to increase height before 18

Smart Dressing

Do not wear super loose clothing. Not that you should start wearing super tight ones. However, tight fitted clothes can help you look tall. Also, prefer wearing heels instead of flats and flip flops. Moreover, you can also try wearing dark colors with vertical lines. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, do exactly the opposite. Also, colors like dark blue, bottle green helps you look slimmer and taller.


Utilise all these tips on how to increase height before 18 to gain that extra inch in your height. For more health and fitness related blogs, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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