How to lose weight in a week!


Losing weight these days is one difficult task. Thanks to our lifestyles, eating habits, work pressures and much more that even if we wish to, we sometimes end up failing in it. Losing weight in a week is effective but is not recommended by health experts. Our tips on How to lose weight in a week are effective and are tested on many clients before. Although these are not permanent weight loss techniques but works well if you have a photo shoot, vacation or a function to attend in a week.

Having said that, we have some effective ways on How to lose weight in a week!
Cut down your sugar intake

Rather than saying, cut down, we should say eliminate sugar from your diet. For this one week, make sure you do not take any sugar. So say goodbye to the candies, cakes, sweets and to the sweet tooth on the whole.


No sodas and junk food

The artificially sweetened sodas stimulate your hunger hormones which can make you consume more calories than needed. Also, these aerated drinks are full of sugar which will refrain you from reaching your weight loss goals. So avoid taking these high-calorie drinks and drink a lot of water instead. Try flavoring your water at home than switching to some artificial flavors.


Fewer Carbs and more Proteins

Reducing the carb intake helps to deal with the water retention in your body. This is the major reason why people who cut back on carbs see immediate effects on their weighing scale than others. Moreover, concentrating on adding protein to your diet. Eating more protein helps to keep you full for longer and eliminates hunger.


Stay active

Keep yourself and your body active. Go out for a brisk walk of 45 mins. Or go for a jog. Try playing outdoor sports or do light exercises to keep your muscles in action.


Lift weights

If you already go for gym everyday, try lifting heavy weights and do some intense training for a week. Lifting weights will protect your metabolism and hormone levels which generally decline during dieting.


Keep the stress away

It is just not feasible to say not to stress even a bit. But what’s possible is that you keep a check on your stress level. Try calming massages, meditation, a slow walk or aroma candles for that matter to keep your stress levels low.


Get some extra sleep

It has always been said that one is supposed to sleep for 7-8 hours in a row. However, if you are seeking for such rapid weight loss, you must get one extra hour of sleep. This will reduce your anxiety level and you will not feel like quitting the diet and lose motivation.


Apart from all of this, stay happy and hydrated! Do share your reviews…