How to stop Hairfall using home remedies

Moisture, extreme dryness and oily scalp… it seems like everything is the reason for hairfall. Moreover, increasing hairfall is an issue because it directly affects the style and personality. The reasons for hair fall can be many but whatever the reason be, the issue needs to be dealt very carefully. Hence, we are here to discuss today, how to stop hairfall using home remedies. Moreover, home remedies are super effective and have zero side effects. So, what are the home remedies that you can use? Keep reading…

How to stop Hair fall


Before you try anything externally, make sure you deal with internal issues first. The internal issues clearly mean your diet. The food you eat has a lot to do with your hair as well as skin. Include the rich sources of protein and biotin. These foods include eggs, nuts, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables and Soybeans. Make a balanced diet using these foods and watch your hair getting healthy.


how to stop hairfall


Extreme stress, physical labor, and drastic weight fluctuations can also lead to hair fall. Stress actually dehydrates the body and the hair follicles get undernourished. Hence, stress causes hair loss. To repair this, meditate every day and try to keep your mind calm.



For healthy hair, it is important to get good hair massage. Massage increases blood circulation and nourishes the roots. Moreover, you need to choose the best oil. The best part is to mix castor oil, olive oil, and almond oil together and then apply on your hair once a week. This one is the best home remedy of all other how to stop hair fall using natural remedies.

how to stop hairfall

Hair Products

The thing that you choose the most on your hair is your shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, most of the times it’s the wrong choice of the shampoo that causes hairfall. Do proper research, understand your scalp and then choose your hair products. Now the question is how to stop hair fall with hair products. So, you need to use the products in the right way. Firstly do not wash your hair every day. Secondly, washing frequency should be fixed considering the hair are never dirty.


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