How to use Onion juice on hair

Hair growth is a challenge like no other! Thanks to the pollution, chemicals and all the bad things that our hair are exposed to. Hairfall and split ends are major issues. Moreover, the worst thing we do is that we try and fight these issues with some more chemical infused products which obviously do no good to us. Hence, you need to change the way you act and look deeper into your own kitchen! Anyone who has ever tried to search for ways to grow hair knows about the effects of onion juice. So we will be discussing how to use onion juice on the hair.

Benefits of Onion Juice 

Onion juice is rich in nutrients which works great on hair follicles. It adds shine, strength, and volume to your hair. Onions have dietary sulfur which is also found in Keratin. The sulfur provides necessary protein and nourishment for hair growth. Using this juice on hair is also beneficial because of its anti-microbial properties. It helps fight scalp infections and avoid bacterial growth.

Antioxidants present in onion works towards making the hair stronger and also slow the hair aging process. This means that hair greying is delayed.

onion juice on hair

How to use Onion juice 

So now that we have got sufficient information on using onion juice on hair, let’s check out how to use this. To make the juice for hair to improve hair growth and fight other scalp issues, follow the steps:

  • Peel 4-5 onions and roughly cut them into pieces.
  • Now use a juicer to extract juice out of the onions.
  • If you can’t use the juicer, grate the onions and squeeze the onion juice.
  • Apply this onion juice on hair directly targeting the roots.
  • If you hate the smell of onions, you can add a few drops on lemon juice into it.

Leave it in hair for about an hour. Now you can just wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

These days, many products have started coming into the market containing onion juice. However, we still recommend you make your own juice and use it! For more hair and health-related topics, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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