ICC World Cup 2019

Cricket is followed religiously in India and when the match is with Pakistan, the excitement knows no bounds. Moreover, it’s the ICC World Cup 2019 going on and this opportunity is nearing. India will be facing Pakistan in a match on June 16. Although India has played matches before in ICC World Cup 2019 and there’s still one more match to go. However, People in both countries are only concerned about the match with Pakistan.

The people in content and marketing have already geared up. There are advertisements already making round publicizing the India Pakistan match. Things are really in the competitive spirit as few ads have already gone beyond tolerance. An ad shown on Pakistan television showed Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s lookalike to create some fun in the ad.

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The strategy didn’t go well with many cricket fans. People have been opposing the content and are disgusting cheap marketing skills. Moreover, tennis star Sania Mirza has also disgusted the ad makers. She tweeted about the ads and also asked the marketing people from both the countries to have some sense and not overhype the important match. Here’s what Sania wrote:

Cringeworthy ads on both sides of the border seriously guys, you don’t need to ‘hype up’ or market the match anymore especially with rubbish! it has ENOUGH attention already! It’s only cricket for God sake, and if you think it’s anymore than that then get a grip or get a life !!

People, marketers and everyone across the borders need to understand that spreading hate is not going to be beneficial for anyone. Moreover, let the sports be in a competitive spirit just like every player in the Indian cricket team takes it. Demeaning each other and going beyond boundaries is ridiculous. However, the match will be played on June 16th. All the best to both teams… may the best team wins!

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