Indian Diet Plan for Flat Stomach

The first thing that every person on a diet wants to reduce is the bulging belly. However, the irony is this is the most difficult area to reduce weight from. Many people claim that detox water can reduce belly fat, many diets are there to reduce belly fat. Hence, today we will be discussing the Indian Diet Plan for Flat Stomach.

Apart from the diet, there are few easy exercises also that help in achieving a flat stomach. We will be discussing them in our next blog. Firstly, how you eat is equally important to what you eat. Before we jump straight to the Indian Diet Plan for Flat stomach, we would have to mention the other factors that have to be considered during the diet.


  • Eat small portions: Do not fill your plate till it can no longer accommodate any more food. Always take one serving less than your appetite. This means that you have to stop just before you are about to get full.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 7 hours every day but no less than 6 hours.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Make sure you add a moderate amount of protein in your diet.
  • Have your dinner 2 hours before you are going to sleep.


Indian Diet Plan for Flat Stomach

Indian Diet Plan

First Meal

The first meal is not your breakfast. In your Indian Diet plan for Flat Stomach, the first meal is something you have within 15 mins of getting up. Have a glass of lukewarm water and grab a fruit. This fruit can be an apple or a banana.



You can either have oats with lots of veggies in it or a bowl of porridge with plenty of fruits in it. Make sure you don’t add sugar. The taste will be perfect as the fruits are going to add the sweetness. If you are someone who can’t do without tea or coffee in the morning, you can have a cup of tea or coffee but without sugar.


Mid Morning

Usually the mid-morning hours around 11ish triggers a little hunger. At this point in time, you do need to eat something good. Options that you have are a bowl of fruits or a handful of nuts. Indian diet plan for Flat Stomach also includes the sprout salad. Choose the one you love or keep switching to avoid getting monotonous.



When we talk about Indian diet plan for a flat stomach, a healthy lunch comes with a lot of variety. You can have dals, sabzi, curd, green salad along with roti. Don’t forget to add a tablespoon of ghee in your lunch in any way. Ghee helps in digesting the food better. However, you need to be careful about the way you cook your food. Keep it simple with basic Indian spices and minimum oil.


Indian Diet Plan for Flat Stomach

Evening Snack

The gap between lunch and dinner is the longest. Hence, the evening snack is more like a meal. In the Indian Diet Plan for Flat Stomach, the evenings are going to be your favorite. You can have a cup of milk tea without sugar and have a handful of roasted peanuts with it. Didn’t fancy you? Grab some chikki made with the only jaggery. This is the favorite part for people with a sweet tooth.



Eat a yogi bowl. Indian diet plan for flat stomach highly recommends a light dinner. We are going to skip the roti from dinner. Drink some soup, eat a bowl of dal or make a bowl where you mix salad with your dal and sabzi.


Indian diet plan for a flat stomach is the most effective and show results not just on your stomach but other body parts as well. For more on health and fitness, follow us!  

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