Is Coffee good for health?


If coffee is your calling, we definitely are best friends! People who can’t even open their eyes in the morning without a sip of their coffee knows the feeling exact! As much as you like coffee, you are aware of its ill effects on health. There are many studies that back their health benefits as well. So today we will discuss, Is Coffee good for health or you need to cut it down…


Health Risks

Coffee is the most loved beverage around the globe. Though it is loved dearly, it also has been blamed largely for many health issues. These issues can be little to a lot dangerous. A few of them be:

  • Insomnia

Caffeine in coffee takes away your good night’s sleep. If you already have issues with sleeping, coffee might be a bad idea for you. The recommended intake of caffeine for a human body is 400 mg. You do want coffee to keep you awake at work but you definitely don’t want to be yawning in a board meeting!


coffee and insomnia, coffee addiction

  • Anxiety

If you have anxiety issues, coffee intake is going to worsen the situation. Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant and it can thus trigger an anxiety attack. Look for the natural ways to curb anxiety and lower your coffee intake.


  • Diabetes

Caffeine has been reported to change the way people with diabetes process sugar. It can both increase or decrease the blood sugar level thus causing major damage to a diabetic person. Thus people with diabetes are advised to watch their caffeine intake and keep checking their blood sugar regularly.


  • High Blood Pressure

Caffeine can cause a sudden short increase in your blood pressure. It may occur to you even if you don’t have High Blood Pressure. The reason is unsure but is reported in a few journals that caffeine actually blocks a hormone that keeps the blood arteries wide.


health benefits of coffee

 Benefits of Coffee

Good news is, it’s not all bad! Coffee does have some good effects on his name which you might actually love…


  • Fights depression

Coffee has been proved to elevate your mood. Caffeine stimulated your central nervous system and boosts the production of neurotransmitters which does the job!


  • Anti-oxidants

Coffee has what you have been reading everywhere is good for you! Anti-oxidants, these fellows help fight against the free radicals in your body. Anti-oxidants have visible effects on your body, skin, and hair!


  • Concentration

Coffee is good for concentration and increasing your focus. Thus a cup of coffee brings mental alertness with it which is undoubtedly the best thing you need.


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  • Fight diseases

Although we don’t have any scientific studies backing this point there are studies by a lot of people on the internet stating so. Coffee can fight Alzheimer disease and lowers the risk of dementia.



Bottom Line: So like everything else in life, Coffee also has its share of good and bad effects. If you having major issues with caffeine intake, you should quit coffee right away! But if it’s nothing big, we suggest you take just 2 cups of coffee a day to fulfill your coffee cravings and to keep your health good as well. Another thing that we would like to mention here is that: choose a good quality coffee. A trusted name and brand from the market. Even one bad coffee bean can cause major damages.

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