Keto diet has been in news for all the good reasons. There has been a lot of debate around the keto diet being good or bad. While some believed (and still does) that keto diet is one of the most effective diets for weight loss you are someone who is looking forward to shedding some kilos, you must have heard of a keto diet. Many would have even tried it. But how many of you know what exactly “keto” means? keto is the diet which brings your body to a state where it uses only fat as the primary fuel source. This diet includes very fewer carbs with little protein and more fat. Keto diet has proved beneficial in weight loss. SO let’s discuss the Complete keto diet for beginners


Weight Loss Complete keto diet for beginners
  1. Foods you can eat: In a keto diet, your meal has to be concentrated around: minimal carbs, fewer proteins, and more fat. You can kick start your keto with around 50 gm to carbs and reduce it gradually. Your job is to know what exactly your foods have. For example, beans are good in protein but they have carbs as well which does not work for the keto diet. So you need to do thorough research on what foods to eat and what not. List of foods you can eat when on a keto diet are:
  • Meat: Chicken, Steak
  • Eggs
  • Butter, Cream and Cheese
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Low carb veggies: onions, green veggies.


  1. Be-friend the fat

So we are often told that fats are what we need to hate during weight loss. Any diet will tell you to burn fat but it’s not the case with keto. Befriend the fat and if you can’t, start increasing the fat intake slowly. Use more good oil while cooking your meals in a keto diet…


  1. Love to savor drinks? So your keto friendly drink is the Bullet Coffee. Bullet coffee is made by mixing butter and coconut oil in your coffee. This drink is highly beneficial to control your hunger in between the meals. This one is loved by all the keto diet followers.


  1. Pick the right time to start your keto. Your body takes time to adjust to any diet. With keto, while a few people see no issues at all there are a few who gets miserable. Best thing would be to choose a time when you don’t have a crazy week at work. Your body will adjust to the keto diet in a week or so and then everything will be normal.



  1. Also, know the foods that are a complete no-no in a keto diet. Heres the list
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Fruit
  • Sugar-free diet foods and drinks
  • Alcohol


So, know that you have an understanding of the keto diet. We will give you a brief idea of what can you have in your meals.

Breakfast: A ketogenic Milkshake, Eggs, Basil and Goat cheese omelet.

Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil, Burger with salsa and cheese.

Dinner: Egg and spinach cooked in coconut oil.


We will soon be sharing the keto diet for vegetarians. Hope this Complete keto diet for beginners guide helps you! Stay tuned.

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