If you don’t have an intention to take a long distance relationship ahead, don’t blame it to the distance. Many people have a belief that if their partner has to go some miles away, the relationship is over! Your friends and family might actually tell you the same thing. Of course, it’s going to be tough as you are not going to feel the physical presence. You won’t be able to meet often. Many occasions will come when you will miss each other so much that it would hurt. But does that mean you have to end the relationship? Even if it has to end, you should have a better reason than just blaming the distance for it.

Everyone will tell you about the cons of being in a long distance relationship but trust me there are good parts too! Long distance relationship has its own charm. One phone call at night after a whole day of longing to talk to each other is worth the whole wait. Studies show that couples in long distance relationship share more valued thoughts than the ones who stay together. So what exactly it takes to make your long distance relationship work?

First thing, you need to remember that it’s just your intention that makes a relationship work. The theory is simple; you don’t work for it if you don’t want to do it! Well, how do you know it won’t work without even trying to make it work? Making assumptions based on someone else’s experience is totally bizarre. Your thougths, your understanding of your relationship is more important than anybody else’s views.

Let’s discuss the ways you can rely on to make your long distance relationship work.


Make up your mind

It all starts with the mind. Accept it that it is not going to be the same. You have to keep your calm and rather enjoy the little time that you two spend waiting, missing and craving for each other. Life will become the way you see it. Do not complicate it by over-thinking. Look up to the time you will be meeting.


Jot down the rules

Yes! You need to do this. To keep the cribbing and frustrations away, fix some rules that you two need to follow no matter what. For example, calling every night before going to bed and tell each other how the day went. Visiting every two months could also be one rule. Rules are to be set as per your priorities. But at the same time keep in mind that these rules have to be flexible.


Virtual dates

Technology has made things much easier. You guys might not get a chance to go on to the real dates but hello there! We have a lot of options for the video calls and hence the virtual dates. It may sound impractical to a few but it works! Try it out… fix a skype date and let us know how it went.


Over texting or calling

You are away doesn’t mean that life has stopped. You both still have respective lives. Do not call or text every other second. Over texting may lead to detachments, arguments, and fights. Either keep the charm alive by giving a certain space or kill it all by over doing it!


Don’t be gloomy all the time

Yes, you miss each other all the time but do you really have to just keep talking about this? Come ‘on!! Get busy with your work and life. Show each other the happier side and live this phase like a happy couple which is unbothered about the distance. It is better to give each other the positive vibes than to be cribbing all day.


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