Love Story of Anita Dongre’s son Yash Dongre and Benaisha Kharas

Ace designer Anita Dongre’s son Yash Dongre finally got married to his sweetheart of 10 years. Yash Dongre and Benaisha Kharas got engaged last year in August at the Olive bar Mumbai. The couple tied the knot on 17th March 2019 amidst the mountains of Mussoorie.



Wedding festivities took place in Mumbai and Mussoorie. The wedding in Mussoorie was an intimate affair with the only family and closed friends in presence. Venue was seraphic with mighty mountains in the backdrop and sun shining on the couple! Anita shared the mesmerizing pictures from the wedding on her social media handle. Have a look and don’t forget to read her caption that said, “Nestled in the Shivalik Mountains, the wedding was an intimate affair that we tried to keep minimalistic yet inviting, with rustic verdant flower arrangements reminiscent of spring summer vibes.”



Yash Dongre and Benaisha Kharas’s love story is also very interesting and full of ups and downs. The groom shared the entire story with Humans of Bombay and on his Instagram handle. Read on to read their love story!


Yash and Benaisha’s love story, “My best friend introduced us over a conference call. I was a shy guy, while she’d come on the cover of Seventeen, so I was already smitten! When she wished me on FB on my birthday, we started talking & hit it off! We spoke about everything under the sun till 5 am every night! She talked & I listened. She asked & answered her own questions! 
2 weeks later, I drunk called her saying ‘I think I like you.’ Thankfully, she felt the same & we went on our first date! It was a roller coaster after. 
The down parts of the ride were majorly my doing. I was left scarred–I thought if my ex could hurt me, she’d too. In fact, after a few months, she messaged saying ‘I love you,’ I replied with ‘thanks, I’ll tell you when I feel the same’ I was that cautious.


Yash continued his story saying, “Unfortunately, because of these insecurities, I hurt her. But she never gave up on me. Even when it got ugly. 5 years later, I went to Boston to study. But we hadn’t fixed our issues so we became distant. When I returned, things reached a point where we broke up.
That’s when our relationship was really tested. We were apart for almost 2 years. She was in another serious relationship & I realized that I couldn’t be with anyone else!
She later said that she had prayed to God asking, If I was meant for her– then to let the other guy go.
I guess God listened because her ex broke up with her & that’s when I told her I wanted her back. She got her sign & finally gave me a chance!
She came to visit me in NYC & things fell into place. It was a fresh start, a clean slate. felt good to know that this was long term. 
It was going to be our 10th anniversary of knowing each other this year. I knew she expected a proposal. Or she’d only propose! So I planned it better. A few days before that date, I took her to a secret spot in Malibu & stopped her for a photo.  twirled her, got down on my knee & asked her to marry me. She responded saying ‘are you sure?’ Of course, I was– she’s always been the one!

So that’s how it took 10 years, of heartbreak, fights, chocolates & beautiful trips to get us to this point. But now that we’re here, none of that other stuff matters… forever’s lo


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